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Tilly Cernitori, cellist



Tilly Cenitori and Désirée Scuccuglia in concert


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«Attilia Kiyoko Cernitori is one of the most interesting and talented young cellists that I know, for her instrumental talent, the vitality and intensity that she can express in her performances and her intense sound.» Mario Brunello

Attilia Kiyoko [Tilly] Cernitori, born in 1988 from Italian father and Japanese mother, is considered one of the best emerging Italian cellists.

She won the Absolute First Prize in more than thirty national and international music competitions, such as: First Prize and Medal of the President of the Republic at the International Cello Competition Valentino Bucchi in Rome, First Prize and Grand Prix in the International Tournament of Music, Cello European Competition Marcosig in Gorizia, Humanitarian Society of Milan Competition, Rassegna di Castrocaro Terme, National Prize of Arts, promoted by the Ministry of University and Research, the Competition for the scholarship of the Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe, First Prize and Medal of the President of the Republic at the International Competition Anemos in Rome.

She worked together with artists of international fame, namely: S. Accardo, B. Giuranna, D. Rossi, R. Bonucci, M. Carbonara and D. Damiano (Berliner Philharmoniker), performing also with various orchestras.

She played in concerts and recitals in some of the most important theatres in Italy and abroad amongst which: La Fenice in Venice, Teatro Ponchielli in Cremona, Parco della Musica in Rome and Mozarteum in Salzburg.

She graduated at the Conservatorio “Cherubini” of Florence with A. Nannoni, at the age of seventeen, with full marks cum laude, and in 2010 she obtained her postgraduate diploma of Cello “cum laude”. From 2004 to 2009 she attended cello classes at Accademia W. Stauffer in Cremona with R. Filippini, with whom she graduated with full marks at the National Academy of S. Cecilia in Rome. She is now a pupil of M. Brunello at “Antiruggine” in Castelfranco Veneto. She attended masterclasses with D. Geringas, A.Meneses, E. Bronzi, G. Hoffman and with Trio di Trieste for chamber music.

Tilly Cernitori is a recorder virtuoso as well, an instrument she studied with D. Bellugi graduating at the age of fifteen with full marks cum laude. In 2006 she attained her high school diploma with top marks (100/100) at Liceo Classico Galileo in Florence.


November 27th:

Venice, Palazzo Albrizzi: Attilia K. Cernitori in concert

November 28th:

Padova, Studio Teologico della Basilica del Santo: Attilia K. Cernitori in concert

December 1st:

Venice, Palazzo Cavagnis: Attilia K. Cernitori in concert

December 4th:

Prato, Teatro Magnolfi: Attilia K. Cernitori in concert

December 17th:

Ferrara, Circolo dell’Unione: Attilia K. Cernitori in concert with Davide De Ascaniis, violin, and Daniele Rinaldo, piano.


Attilia Cernitori is a gifted cellist and a most attractive  personality, musically and personally speaking. Her presence on stage is persuasive and is always convincing in her musical communication. I  know her contributions to musical life will be very important and valuable.

Gary Hoffman

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