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Annamaria Morini – Enzo Porta – Adriano Ambrosini – TRIPLUM
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Enzo Porta was born in Milano, Italy, where he completed his courses at Conservatory G.Verdi.He followed post-graduated training with Franco Gulli Jacques Thibaud and Alice Paskus.As a member of Quartetto di Milano partecipated in several tournees both in Italy and abroad. Subsequently,as first violin in Società Cameristica Italiana Enzo Porta accomplished a very broad range of experiences, including also xx century music at Festivals, Musical Societies and Institutions,Radio Stations of all of Europe, producing also several records.

He partecipated in an extensive tournee the United States and Canada with the Michelangelo Orchestra,as solo violinist and conductor He performed then as soloist in duo with Adriano Ambrosini and also in an uncommon form of duo with the flutist Annamaria Morini in several concert Halls in Italy, Europe, South America Middle East.

Enzo Porta teached at Municipal School of Milano,at Conservatories of Parma and Bologna, and in numerous successful seminars about Didactics and XX century literature. He published: Harmonics-new classification, Ricordi Milano 1985—-Basic Movements of the left hand, Rugginenti, Milano 1995—-Violin in History, EDT Torino,2000—-PA Locatelli, 24 Capricci a.c. Enzo Porta , Schott Mainz,2005.


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