Ciro Longobardi – Charles Edward Ives VOL.1

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Ciro Longobardi – Pianoforte

Charles Edward Ives

Opere per pianoforte

VOL. 1



For Europe:




1 – SONATA N. 2 CONCORD, MASS., 1840-60 (1910-1915)

1 – Emerson – 16′.14″
2 – Hawthorne – 11′.44″
3 – The Alcotts – 12′.06″
4 – Thoreau – 12′.06″

5 – THREE-PAGE SONATA (1905) – 07′.11″

6 – WALTZ-RONDO (1911) – 05′.31″

7 – VARIED AIR AND VARIATIONS (1923 ?) – 05′.51″

Product Code: CDE05-C006
Total Time: 63′.47″
Recording studio: Milan, 2004
Recording & editing at: Studio Forzani da Michele Forzani
Cover & booklet: LIMEN Associazione Culturale
Web TV:

About Ciro Longobardi

During Charles Ives’s career as a composer he demonstrated an extraordinary approach of innovating, experimenting, and seeking new paths. He took this attitude with him to the piano, the primary instrument of the great Romantic tradition, which reached its apex precisely in the 19th century. His talent also drew on elements outside the music; the powerful poetic impression which inspired Shumann and Liszt also reverberate in piano compositions as the instrument becomes the preferred mode of conveying ideas and atmospheres that might even be symphonic, while Chopin would be dazzled by Mickiewicz’z Ballads, placed in music in a manner that is perhaps more demurely mediated than such instances as Liszt’s interpretation of Dante  or the sinister choirmaster created by Hoffmanm, in Shumann’s interpretation.


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