This area hosts columns about the world of music and arts in general.


by Alfonso Alberti

From time immemorial, the arts have been evolving in parallel, together renewing themselves and together expressing their age. But also, sometimes in very different ages, facing the same themes and delving into the same tangles of human thought and imagination. This column, “Intersections”, aims to explore the many facets of this relationship, so that music, visual arts, literature and the other arts can shed some light on each other.
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Collateral Effects

by Sonia Arienta

There are different censure’s typologies. The most unequivocal and intrusives ones, namely prohibitions and bans imposed by national governments and institutions over the centuries and still existing nowadays at different latitudes, there are not the most wicked ones. Not at all…
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Area 51

by Annamaria Morini

Here you can find a series of essays written by Annamaria Morini, in occasion of some of her concerts.
(only Italian version)
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