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The String Sextet was formed during the Masterclass for Orchestra Musicians, which was founded in 2000 to give young musicians the training needed to gain entry into the most important orchestras in Italy and abroad.
Throughout the various editions, the first sections had garnered such extensive professional experience that they decided to form a group that shared the same artistic goals.

Founded in 2009, the musical group is made up of Livio Salvatore Troiano (voilin) Aldo Sebastian Cicchini (violin), Luca Guidi (viola), Paolo Fumagalli (viola), Gianluca Muzzolon (cello) and Alejandro Mariangel Pradenas (cello).

The ensemble has already performed at the Ravello Festival in 2010, receiving much public and critical acclaim. Writing for the newspaper Roma, Lo Iacono stated: “The Academy del Teatro alla Scala Sextet was excellent. […] They played with increasing intensity and refinement, superbly executing the sextet-overture from Strauss’ “Capriccio” and Schoenberg’s Transfigured Night. The talented Scala artists incisively interpreted the wide range of themes in Brahms composition, taking inspiration from the almost naturalistic surroundings. […] There are even more reasons to laud the sextet when describing its diaphanous execution of Strauss’ aching sextet from Capriccio, played with classic composure, attention to polyphony, timbre and a great deal of calm. […] Such mastery was repeated, yet even more richly and knowingly in the ensemble’s poetic expressions made in the execution of Schoenberg’s “Transfigured Night”. The ensemble rendered the work intimate, making it even whisper at times, as if it were a caress.”
The musicians recently recorded the Sestetto by Franco Donatoni.
Just one of the many engagements the sextet has for 2011 is the concert it will hold on February 5 at the Scala Boxes Foyer; the event makes up part of the Academy Concert Series, which is dedicated to 20th century music.


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