Franco Cerri – Elena Casoli: la chitarra tra il jazz e il ‘900 eurocolto


Franco Cerri – Elena Casoli
La chitarra tra il jazz e il ‘900 eurocolto

organ: Alberto Gurrisi
double-bass: Mattia Magatelli
drums: Riccardo Tosi

Special guest: Sylvano Bussotti

CD+DVD – LIMEN Jazz – DUETS vol. 3





Guitar in jazz and italian ’900: Franco Cerri meets Elena Casoli

Two roads running parallel, but in the end seem to reflected one inside the other: the intense and elegant jazz of Franco Cerri, and the contemporary music of Elena Casoli.
Franco Cerri, considered the most representing jazz guitarist, extremely committed to the spread of jazz culture and the study of guitar, in this album proposes 6 unpublished pieces, in which is accompanied by leading jazz musicians: Alberto Gurrisi (organ) Mattia Magatelli (double-bass) and Riccardi Tosi (drums).
Elena Cerri, italian guitarist, extremely active in Europe, United States and Japan, which has always engaged in the research of new shapes and colors for her instrument by drawing on the literature of the past and present, closes this album offering to the audience her intense and suggestive interpretation of Ennio Morricone, Gian Francesco Malipiero and Maurizio Pisati’s pieces.
The value of this volume of DUETS’ series is increased by the extraordinary partecipation of one of the greatest italian artists and composers, considered the leading exponent of the New Italian Music, Sylvano Bussotti, which accompanies Elena Casoli in the performance of “Ultima R.A.R.A”.

You can appreciate a preview of this beautiful album on Limenmusic Web Tv:

Elena Casoli plays Malipiero, Bussotti and Morricone
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