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Shin Sasakubo in Peruvian Music


Guitarist and composer, Shin Sasakubo was born in Tokyo on 1983.
He specialized in Andean – Peruvian music and classic and contemporary music.
He realized presentations and masterclasses in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, greece, Bulgaria and Japan.
He has partecipated at conferences on Andean music in Japanese universities and international festivals.
Winner of many prize, such as: “Cosquita Festival” in Japan (First prize), “Junior Guitar Competition” in Tokyo (third prize), “Japan Guitar Competition” in Osaka (first Prize), “Saitama Guitar Competition” (first prize), “A M LAM Competition of Latin American music” in Tokyo (second prize) and “J. S. Bach Competition” in Japan.
From 2004 to 2007 he moved to Peru, where he devoted himself to the study of Andean music and the understanding of Andean world, together with its people.
Then, Sasakubo, recorded collections and personal compositions.
He’s committed to the spread of Peruvian music and its composers.
In 2008, he was invited, by the Ambassy of Peru in Japan, to take a concert for the President of the Republic of Peru, during his official visit in Japan.
In his repertoire we can find both his personal creations and works of other composers.
In 2010, Yuji Takahashi (“Rastros”), Carlo Domeniconi (“Tombeau”), ed Elder Olave (“Nina”), offer their works to Shin Sasakubo,  who represents them worldwide.
Making music with his friends is his main source of inspiration.


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