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Joo Cho and Marino Nahon on Limenmusic Web Tv

By now you can find a new concert on Limenmusic Web Tv at Duo Cho – Nahon plays A. Berg.

Alban Berg – Sieben frühe Lieder (Seven Early Songs)

The South Korean soprano Joo Cho graduated with a degree in singing from Chung-Ang University in Seoul. She then went on to complete two degrees summa cum laude in Singing and Vocal Chamber Music at the “Verdi” Conservatoire in Milan (Italy). She continued her studies with artists such as Peter Schreier, Jaume Aragall and Ernesto Palacio. She won the first prize in many competitions, such as the “Giulio Neri” International Singing Competition in Torrita di Siena. (Italy) and the “Haverhill Sinfonia Soloist Competition” (UK).
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Italian pianist Marino Nahon graduated with honours in piano at the “Verdi” Conservatory in Milan, where he also specialized in vocal chamber music. He continued his studies with Piero Rattalino, Pietro Soraci and Michele Fedrigotti, and he attended courses at Internationale Sommerakademie Mozarteum in Salzburg, Académie de Villecroze, Académie de musique de Lausanne and elsewhere, under such artists as Paul Badura-Skoda, Dalton Baldwin, Antonio Ballista, Bruno Canino, Irwin Gage, Alexander Lonquich and Norman Shetler.
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Berg’s Sieben frühe Lieder: the texts

Waiting for the broadcasting of the concert by Joo Cho (Soprano) and Marino Nahon (Piano) on Limenmusic Web tv?

If you don’t know them already, below you can find links to the Sieben frühe Lieder:

Enjoy the reading.

English version

German (original text)

Italian version


Limen recommends: Tatiana Larionova plays Six moments musicaux Op. 16

Six moments musicaux Op. 16, proposed by Limenmusic and performed by Tatiana Larionova, is a set of solo piano pieces composed by Sergej Rachmaninoff between October and December 1896, and dedicated to Aleksandr Zatayevich, a Russian composer he had met before he had composed this work.
This six works have been described as “true concert works, being best served on a stage and with a concert grand”. Is a sophiscticated work that evidences his early virtuosity and sets an example for the quality of his future works.
The set’s name is inspired by Franz Schubert‘s piano cycle, also called Six moments musicaux (Op. 94, 1828), which of course are written on a much more intimate scale.
The Six moments musicaux are:

  1. Andantino, B-flat minor
  2. Allegretto, E-flat minor
  3. Andante cantabile, B minor
  4. Presto, E minor
  5. Adagio sostenuto, D-flat major
  6. Maestoso, C major

Born in 1979 in Primorskij Krai (URSS) Tatiana Larionova began studying the piano at the age of five. In 1991, she entered the Central Music School in Moscow, where she studied under Professor Yuri Slesarev. After graduating in 1997 with highest rating, Tatiana attended the Moscow State Conservatory where she studied until 2004 under Professor Victor Merzhanov, taking, again with best votes, her doctorate…
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Listen to the last Schubert on Limenmusic Web Tv

Why “The last Schubert”?

Because Impromptus, proposed by Limenmusic and performed by the Italian pianist Paolo Gilardi, are a series of pieces for solo piano composed in 1827, a year before the death of Franz Schubert, and first published during the composer’s lifetime (or shortly thereafter).
The Impromptu Op. 142 n. 2 is a posthumous work by Franz Schubert, consists of four separated piano works, usually considered as four movements sonata, due to the use of the same key, F minor. This idea was refuted by contemporary musicologists who established important differences between the set of Impromptus and Schubert’s acknowledged multi-movement works.
Drei Klavierstücke – D. 946, or “Three piano pieces” are solo pieces composed in 1828, just six months before the death of the composer. The first publication, in 1868, was edited by Johannes Brahms. Drei Klavierstücke are works rarely recorded or performed; pianists who have recorded this pieces includes: Imogen Cooper, András Schiff, Claudio Arrau, Maurizio Pollini.
In this concert, Impromptu Op. 142 n. 1 and Drei klavierstucke D946, are perfomed by the italian pianist Paolo Gilardi, winner of several national and international piano competitions, his performances have been always well reviewed by critics.

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Berg’s Sieben Frühe Lieder coming soon on Limenmusic Web Tv

From friday, July 29. 2011 on Limenmusic Web Tv @ Joo Cho and Marino Nahon in concert

Duo Cho - Nahon in concert

In this concert:
Alban Berg – Sieben frühe Lieder (Seven Early Songs)

The Seven Early Songs are early composition, written by the Austrian composer Alban Berg between 1905 to 1908, while he was under the tutelage of Arnold Schoenberg.
This songs were first written for medium voice and piano, then were revised for high voice and orchestra in 1928.
The seven songs are:

  1. Nacht (Night), text by Carl Hauptmann
  2. Schilflied (Song amid the reeds) – text by Nikolaus Lenau
  3. Die Nachtigall (The nightingale) – text by Theodore Storm
  4. Traumgekrönt (Crowned in dream) – text by Rainer Maria Rilke
  5. Im Zimmer (Indoors) – text by Johanes Schlaf
  6. Liebesode (Ode to love) – text by Otto Erich Hartleben
  7. Sommertage (Summer days) – text by Paul Hohenberg

For the trailer of the concert, please, click on the image below:


About Franco Donatoni’s Sextet…

Franco Donatoni was an Italian composer, considered father of New Music.
His works were performed by leading artists, ensembles and conductor, such us Claudio Abbado, Salvatore Accardo, Dino Asciolla, Pierre Boulez, etc.
He reached musical maturity after a long period of exploration, trying to “look beyond” and reaching freedom and brightness into the writing.
His musical life can be divided into three different period:

  • Bartok’s Neoclassicism;
  • serialism, linked to the relationship with M° Bruno Maderna;
  • the negative period;
  • the discover of the invention, linked to the discover of a positive relationship with the art of composition.

This week, Limenmusic Web Tv, proposes to the audience a wonderful concert, dedicated to Franco Donatoni’s Sextet for 2 violins, 2 violas and 2 cellos. A rarely performed composition, written in 1985 during his “positive period” and performed for the first time in Cremona by Gruppo Musica Insieme.
In this concert, this opus is performed by String Sextet of La Scala Theatre Academy, musical group founded in 2000 and made up of Livio Salvatore Troiano (voilin), Aldo Sebastian Cicchini (violin), Luca Guidi (viola), Paolo Fumagalli (viola), Gianluca Muzzolon (cello) and Alejandro Mariangel Pradenas (cello).


Absence, by Sonia Arienta

In a time where are well appreciated, experimented contaminations and interweavings among different languages, genres, styles, between “high” and “low”, among, visual arts, sounds, words, operatic theatre can be judged a precursory and innovative cultural product. It is a genre based on the coexistence and the interrelation among the arts and the dissimilar competencies. Therefore, why is it too much often considered a remote and old-fashioned genre in the common perception? What does make it so and why? Nearby what kind of audience, and with what kind of judgement? Certainly, cooperate to create such a perception the absence or the superficial/careless space reserved towards opera theatre in the italian media. Not only television, addressed to a very heterogeneous audience, but the most important newspapers too, read by a more select public…
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Sestetto d’archi dell’Accademia Teatro alla Scala on Limenmusic Web Tv

By now you can find a new concert on Limenmusic Web Tv at Sestetto d’archi dell’Accademia del Teatro alla Scala plays F. Donatoni.

The String Sextet was formed during the Masterclass for Orchestra Musicians, which was founded in 2000 to give young musicians the training needed to gain entry into the most important orchestras in Italy and abroad.

Throughout the various editions, the first sections had garnered such extensive professional experience that they decided to form a group that shared the same artistic goals.
Founded in 2009, the musical group is made up of Livio Salvatore Troiano (voilin), Aldo Sebastian Cicchini (violin), Luca Guidi (viola), Paolo Fumagalli (viola), Gianluca Muzzolon (cello) and Alejandro Mariangel Pradenas (cello).
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For the concert, please, click on the image below:

In this concert:
Franco Donatoni
– Sestetto

Enjoy it!!!


CD of the month on Record Geijtsu magazine: Aki Kuroda’s Album!!

Aki Kuroda‘s album dedicated to J. F. F. Burgmüller’s Complete Etudes was chosen as Cd of this month, by Record Geijutsu, Japan’s leading classical music magazine!

For more info about the album, please, click here.

You can also find an excerpt of the album on Limenmusic Web Tv at

Record Geijutsu (in Japanese)


Franco Donatoni’s Sextet coming soon on Limenmusic Web Tv

From friday, July 22. 2011 on Limenmusic Web Tv @ Sestetto d’archi dell’Accademia Teatro alla Scala in concert…

Sestetto d'archi dell'Accademia Teatro alla Scala

For the trailer, please, click on the image below.