Danilo Rossi: 25 years at La Scala

Danilo Rossi and Stefano Bezziccheri yesterday gave us a wonderful evening. The concert at La Scala and then the presentation of the new CD/DVD production with Oreste Bossini as a host at the theatre’s bookstore were brilliant and deeply moving. The room was full – someone wasn’t allowed to attend, there were too many people for the seating-capacity of the hall.

Have you already seen the video recording of Brahms’s Sonatas on Limenmusic.com? Well, then you can imagine what you missed. The way the duo deals with the two Brahms’s masterworks is always fascinanting: the depth of hundreds of performances and the freshness of an always renewed encounter.

Danilo Rossi is celebrating in this way 25 years as the principal viola of La Scala’s Orchestra, and the talk after the concert was mostly about this experience and the twenty-something years of association with Bezziccheri. Oreste Bossini (who is, among many other things, the author of the presentation text in the CD booklet) prompted them to tell a few interesting (and often funny) episodes of their career.

Rossi and Bezziccheri explained also the nature and goals of their recording project, of which the Brahms’s Sonatas are only the first milestone. The whole project (six CD/DVDs) will take them a couple of years to complete – but Rossi hinted at the idea of expanding it further…

There will be more occasions to hear the two of them in concert, in the near future, and there will be more presentations of the recordings: we’ll keep you updated.


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