Intersections, by Alfonso Alberti

Telling stories without rhyme nor reason

Arts history is full of powerful sentences, prohibitions, tabulae rasae. As in the golden age of Surrealism, when André Breton forbid even the composition of novels. No sooner said than done. Should the surrealists never write novels? Then Max Ernst, artist who at the time was very close to the Surrealism, in 1929 publishes one, La femme 100 têtes [The woman a hundred heads].
Red-handedness notwithstanding, in a sense there is no crime, because the said novel isn’t a novel. Not in the realist sense, at least, that is a novel reflecting reality according to traditional logic, with a beginning and an end, with well outlined characters whose whereabouts contribute to the building of a plot.
In La femme 100 têtes, the narrative element is completely removed. It is a “picture book”: a long sequence of printings with subtitles, organized according to the rules of the surrealist automatic association…
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You can listen to La femme 100 têtes, by George Antheil, performed by Alfonso Alberti inside the concert:

Alfonso Alberti – Piano Music and visual Arts – 1


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