Intersections, by Alfonso Alberti

Giorgio Gaslini’s three “Piano Sonata Décollage”

Visiting an exhibition of works created by the informal painter Mimmo Rotella, I was struck by his large paintings where advertising posters of American, French or Italian films appeared, teared off, or rather unglued off normal bills, and on which Rotella, with skillful brushwork, exercised a completing operation, aiming to alienating the original meaning of the materials. The title of each work was Décollage, that is ‘tear’ or ‘peeling-off’.”

That’s the way Giorgio Gaslini presents the first of his three recent (2008/2009) Piano Sonata Décollage for piano. As the artist Mimmo Rotella teared off advertising posters, brought them to his studio and there assembled, reworked them and then tore them off again, so Gaslini does in the music realm. Tearing apart melodies, ballads, marches, tangos, barcarolles, counterpoints and uncountable many other genres. Never quoting what exists (in this way clearly distinguishing himself from Rotella), but always self-creating the posters to be teared apart, which consequently are never, althought they could be, real…
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