Emanuele Torquati in New York

On March 31st, 2011 at Bohemian National Hall in New York, the italian pianist Emanuele Torquati presents: Intimate Sketches – Visions on Janácek´s Piano Music.

“Intimate Sketches – Visions on Janácek´s Piano Music” proposes a way to approach the music of this fascinating Czech composer. A number of Janácek’s miniatures will be presented alongside his two major works for piano: the Sonata 1-X-1905 and In the mist. To create a perspective, four new works have been commissioned for this occasion. Leading Australian composer Brett Dean and rising Czech talent Miroslav Srnka will join the Italian Riccardo Vaglini, composing with Janácek a prismatic quartet.

You can appreciate these beautiful pieces into Emanuele Torquati’s concert for the Limenmusic Web Tv: Intimate Sketches – Visions on Leos Janácek.
For the concert, please click here.

More info @ www.bohemiannationalhall.com


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