“Voci d’oggi”, where contemporary music meets jazz

Contemporary music and jazz are meeting one more time on Limemusic Web Tv.

Limen music & arts, discographical italian label and Web Tv entirely dedicated to classical music and Jazz, in collaboration with Warner Chappell Music Italiana music edition, proposes an unpublished project: a musical reflection that drives the audience to discover the deep connexions between repertoires apparently differents and irreconcilable: contemporary music and jazz.
A series of duets, gathered in 7 box sets CD+DVD, in which some of the most important musical interpreters nationally and internationally, are compared to show the public how these two genre are reflected in each other, revealing unexpected points of contact and intersections.

This time we talk about “voice”…comparing two great performers: Barbara Casini, accompanied by Riccardo Bianchi at the guitar, and Stelia Doz, accompanied by Guido Salvetti at the piano.

Barbara Casini, devoted her life to the music, especially to the singing. Falls in love with Brazil, her second music homeland, she’s considered the most important performer of brasilian music in Italy. In this album she duets with one of the most appreciated and renowned guitarist, Riccardo Bianchi and Beppe Fornaroli, with whom she collaborated for several years.
They proposed unpublished tracks,  able to charm the audience with the typical passionate and enveloping notes of Brazilian music.

At the end will be the beautiful voice of the soprano, Stelia Doz, accompanied by the pianist and musicologist, Guido Salvetti, to close this album, with a touching interpretation of “In Mittagstraum”, one of three lieder on George, written by the italian composer Alessandro Solbiati, on lyrical by Stefan George.

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