The crown jewels, by Sonia Arienta

The plot of Rigoletto and La Traviata no longer belongs to the knowledge of italian citizen majority. But the fault is not so much imputable to an audience of little curiosity and culture, annihilated and passive by the bidimensionality of tv, computers, screens, deceiving the ears with stereophonic tridimensionalities and dazing the eyes with a carnival of images too much often devoid of contents.

The core of the problem stays, rather, in the collusions between media sectors, ministries of education and the most trash exigences of entertainment business majors. Then, in substance, it stays in the short-sightedness of cultural politics, managed with ignorance and bad faith, in particular towards music.

Not teaching citizens about the best products of their nation is an irresponsible, foolish and self-injuring act, as to forget and to lay crown jewels to the sticky embrace of dust and cobwebs in a dark side of a cellar. So, they risk to lay unused, until at least somebody gives them a suitable display and diffusion. Fortunately, operas, like diamonds, do not decay even they are forgotten for a long time.

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