Historic and terrestrial coordinates II, by Sonia Arienta

In XIX century first years, the italian peninsula counted up five important cities: Milan, Naples, Venice, Bologna, Florence and an urban texture made with more little ones. Tuscany, Lombardy, Venetian region, and Piedmont had a system of trading towns and administrative centres serving the surrounding lands. Close relations between country and urban areas originate the first industrial wave in Piedmont and Lombardy subalpine strips. In these zones, connective tissue between two realities, the urban and the rural one, is very thick. It is not contemplate a rigid distinction, but relations of mutual exchange.

In XIX century italian opera repertoire, urban locations attract the preferences among musicians and librettists, last trace of Enlightenment culture. In fact, cities are the place where had formed and grown bourgeoisie; whereas country is connected with Ancien Régime context…

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