The stone host Aristotele, by Sonia Arienta

The aristotelic concept of unity of place, grounding of classical and neoclassical theatre theories, becomes one of the favorit targets in Romantic and late Romantic age. In this regard how is italian opera composers and librettists behaviour along the whole Nineteenth Century? What pathes eachone of them follows in their production? Beyond aesthetical and poetic acceptance, what do the authors’ choises, reveal? what kind of lecture towards the world and reality do they give? In fact, is important to remember that operists’ products and critics’ theories, not only in musical context, always express historic and cultural contexts…
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Italian version

Here you can find an interview with Sonia Arienta – RAI Radio3 Suite on September 5. 2011 (ITALIAN VERSION)

Here you can find an interview with Sonia Arienta – RSI Radio Televizione Svizzera – Ridotto dell’opera (ITALIAN VERSION)


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