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New releases…

From October 10. 2011 you will find in all music stores and digital a new production for Limenmusic:

Danilo Rossi, viola
Stefano Bezziccheri
, piano
“La viola del ‘900”
CD LIMEN Classic 6 contemporary
musics by: Edward Benjamin Britten, Paul Hindemith and Dmitri Shostakovic.

In the wide repertoire for viola and piano, there are three works that better than other can reflect the developments and changes in music landscape of the Twentieth: Lacrymae Op. 48 by Benjamin Britten, Paul Hindemith’s Sonata Op. 11 n. 4 and Shostakovic’s Sonata Op. 147.
That compositions are protagonist of this CD, in which the intensive and passionate executions of Danilo Rossi, First Viola Soloist of La Scala Theatre in Milan, accompanied at the piano by M° Stefano Bezziccheri, will take the listener to the discover of the discreet and warm sound of the viola.
This is the second volume of a wide discographical project, which aim is to collect in 6 album the main music for viola and piano, which pays tribute to the greatest composers who have written for this ensemble.

For more info about the album, please, click here.

Find it on IBS (italian version) or on EGEA Music (english version)


New recordings for Limenmusic: Danilo Rossi & Stefano Bezziccheri

From today Danilo Rossi, First Viola Soloist of the Orchestra of La Scala Theatre in Milan, accompanied by Stefano Bezziccheri at the piano will record in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for a new CD+DVD box set.

This is the third step of a recording project that will lead to the creation of a collection of six box sets of great music for viola and piano, wich pays tribute to the main composers who have written for this ensemble. In particular this work is dedicated to the viola of the twentieth century:

B. Britten – “Lacrymae”
D. Schostakovich – Sonata op. 147
P. Hindemith – Sonata “Fantasia” op. 11 n. 4

We remeber you that the first CD+DVD box set arised from the collaboration between Danilo Rossi, Stefano Bezziccheri and Limenmusic is dedicated to the Brahms’ Sonatas 1 and 2 Op. 120:

Danilo Rossi, viola
Johannes Brahms – SONATE
op.120 n. 1 and 2
piano: Stefano Bezziccheri
CD+DVD Limen Classic & contemporary