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Characters and audience – II, by Sonia Arienta

In an opera construction, the importance of the choice of the subject, of characters is an unavoidable element in understanding the message and the world vision proposed by the composer to his audience. But in too many examples, it takes second place in the thoughts, either by “simple” spectators, or specialists. Notwithstanding the different reasons. Melodic lines, harmonic and rhythmic structures, orchestration, beyond the considerations of poetics and aesthetic values, are functional to performance a story, a “sung” tale. With effects and consequences that the last one has at emotional and intellectual level for audience. All essential elements to invite spectators to make themselves questions not only about the opera, the poetic and aesthetic preferences of composer, but about his lecture of the world. Especially in order to the contemporary interpretation of repertoire melodramas it is always necessary to consider the coexistence of two levels: the reactions searched and obtained by composer towards audience contemporary to him; the ones shown to the nowadays audience…
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