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Ciro Longobardi’s album on Radio France…

On September 5. 2011 into “Les lundis de la contemporaine“, a program of Radio France dedicated to the contemporary music, has been recommended the album of Ciro Longobardi, dedicated to Ivan Fedele’s Complete piano works…

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Eclectic and versatile artist, Ivan Fedele was born primarily as a pianist, in fact in his works dedicated to this instrument he expresses all his creative sensibility, creating suggestive atmospheres and reaching out high levels poetically, stylistically and technically. In this album, the italian pianist Ciro Longobardi, take us in this wonderful journey through Ivan Fedele’s works, starting from the intense and bright colors of South Pole’s landscapes, evoked by the Études series: 5 Études Boreales (1990) and 5 Études Australes (2003) to the beginning, with Toccata (1983), extremely important piece from an affective point of view for Ivan Fedele, because full of memories of his early experiences on the piano. Includes also performances of Nachtmusik (2008) and Cadenze I-IX: a quarter of a century (1983-2008) of music by Fedele, accompanied by a double interview with the composer by Cesare Fertonani and Virginio Sala.

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Limenmusic’s on Il Corriere Musicale

We are pleased to comunicate you that today on Il Corriere Musicale site (@ you can find an intersting review about Ciro Longobardi‘s album: IVAN FEDELE – COMPLETE PIANO WORKS

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…superb discographical operation, both in contents but also for technical achievement…

…there is no musical gesture, dynamic, effect that Longobardi neglect, thus creating an involving and tense interpretation…

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Ivan Fedele’s CD+DVD: one of the most interesting releases in iTunes

Have you looked in iTunes into the most interesting releases in the context of classical music?

You will find the Ivan Fedele’s complete piano works, interpreted by Ciro Longobardi!

A wonderful album in which the renowned Italian pianist, Ciro Longobardi, accompanies the audience on a journey through a quarter of a century (1983-2008) of music by Ivan Fedele, considered one of the most representative contemporary authors nationally and internationally.

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