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Annamaria Morini and Enzo Porta in concert!!!

November 12. 2011 at Museo della Musica in Bologna, Italy:
preview of the film: Sul nome B.A.C.H. Contrappunti con l’arte della fuga, by Francesco Leprino. A journey in Germany from Eisenach to Lubech, looking for Bach (Al Gran Sole, Italia – Germania, 2008/2011 – Rinning time: 115′).
With Luigi Verdi (composer and musicologist) and Carlo Vitali (musicologist).
Annamaria Morini (flute) and Enzo Porta (violin) will perform: Alessandro Solbiati – Contrapunctus for flute and violin.

November 27. 2011 at Palazzo Mazziotti in Caiazzo (Caserta), for the Autunno Musicale di Caserta:
Annamaria Morini (flute) and Enzo Porta (violin) in concert.
Aldo Clementi – Luciano Berio for flute and violin
Franco Donatoni – da Argot (1979) two pieces for violin – n. 2
Oscar Bianchi – Gr… for flute (2010/11). World premiere of the version in C for flute by A. Morini
Bruno Maderna – Dialodia for flute and violin
Niccolò Castiglioni – Romanzetta for flute/flute in G
Luciano Berio – Sequenza VIII for violin
Giacomo Manzoni – Frase 2 for flute and violin


Duo Porta – Morini in Estonia

Annamaria Morini (flutist) and Enzo Porta (violist) will be in Estonia at the end of February, with a series of interesting appointments.

On february 25th in Tallinn, they will perform on musics by Tatjana Kzlova for the Estonian Composers Union’s review.

On february 26th at the Tallinn Music Academy the artists will hold a masterclass on the repertoire for flute and violin dedicated to them.

Enzo Porta will be also involved in Italy, infact from 15 to 17 March at the Philarmonic Academy in Bologna he will hold a masterclass on the techniques of violin and viola in Giacinto Scelsi’s works. On this occasion Annamaria Morini will performs Scelsi’s Tetratkys for solo flute.
For more info about this masterclass, please click here.

Coming from different musical background but marked by the common and strong interest for the new and the unexplored, Annamaria Morini and Enzo Porta formed the Duo 23 years ago.
Since the beginning this ensemble, unique in its kind, has attracted the attention of many composers, as evidenced by the number of titles in their repertoire (more than fifty), that ranging from Riccardo Malipiero (1914 – 2003) to Yotam Haber (1976). The Duo is regularly presents in major seasons and festival of contemporary music, in different countries of Europe (from the Teatro alla Scala in Milan to the Darmstadt summer courses), Israel and latin America.