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Next releases for Limenmusic: Takahiro Yoshikawa

From October 2011 will be available in major music stores and e-commerce sites the new album by Takahiro Yoshikawa.

Limen music & arts proposes to the audience a new production (CD+DVD), entirely dedicated to a great fascinating theme, the night, reading it in a new, and deeply original key.
In this album, the talented Japanese pianist Takahiro Yoshikawa, will perform compositions by L. van Beethoven, F. Chopin, F. Liszt and M. Ravel, all characterized by fairly “black” and unusual key, in which the fingers more often caress the keyboard rather than strike it.

Takahiro Yoshikawa, thanks to his solid and reliable, but also intense execution, will take us into a suggestive journey to the discover of the atmosphere of the night.

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!