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Marco Fusi on Limenmusic Web Tv

By now you can find a new concert on Limenmusic Web Tv at Marco Fusi in concert

Marco Fusi is a violinist and a composer. He studied at “G.Verdi” conservatoire in Milan, and then he attended specialization courses with Pavel Vernikov, Jeanne Marie Conquer, Ernst Kovacic and Dimitrios Polisoidis.
The involvement with contemporary music has led him to several performances of “recent” music (such as numerous first performances of Castiglioni, Eötvös, Sciarrino, Vacchi, Solbiati, Cattaneo, Shimura…).
Marco is also a composer. His compositions have been performed in many concert halls…
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In this concert:

Salvatore Sciarrino – 6 capricci (1976)
I. Vivace
II. Andante
III. Assai agitato
IV. Volubile
V. Presto
VI. Con brio

Luciano Berio – Sequenza VIII (1976)

Franco Donatoni – CIGLIO (1989)

Alessandro Solbiati – Due Adagi (Tiresia e la Pizia) (2003)
I. Da lontano
II. Con nostalgia

Federico Gardella – Estroso (2008)

Lorenzo Pagliei – Moto perpetuo n. 1 (2010)



Rondò 2011 – Divertimento Ensemble: Concert n. 2

From today, March 25th, 2011 you can find on Limenmusic Web Tv, in the On Demand area, the second concert of the musical season of Divertimento Ensemble: Rondò 2011.

In this concert:

Fréréric DurieuxÉtudes en alternance
Federico GardellaNebbiae
Giovanni VerrandoIl ruvido dettaglio
Vittorio MontaltiLes toits de Paris


Lorenzo Missaglia (flute)
Martina Rudic (cello)
Maria Grazia Bellocchio (piano)
Lorenzo Gorli (violin)
Maria Ronchini (viola)
Maurizio Longoni (clarinet)
Sandro Gorli (conductor)

For the concert, please visit the On Demand Area on


The Two Planetoids of Maurits C. Escher and Federico Gardella

Maurits C. Escher (1898-1972), the Dutch artist, was a famous master of optical illusions. Little men who climb up and up and up and then, without ever turning around, it comes out that they go down and down and down. People who, seen from a certain point of view, are normally walking and, seen from another perspective, are instead hanging upside down. And so on. But Escher was also a master of mirrors and parallel words that reflect each other. In Three Worlds, on a very narrow gap the real presence of what is just there (leafs), the filtered image of what is underneath (fishes) and the reflected image of what is overhead (branches) are intertwined. In Three Spheres II, the three spheres reflect each other, reflect the writing desk (that in its turn reflects them – and so they reflect also their reflection on the desk) and finally give us also a reflection of the artist who is drawing them.
In Double Planetoid, there are two imaginary tetrahedron-shaped and interweaved celestial bodies. One, with a completely smooth surface, on each of his four edges accommodates a fortress with a fanciful outline, fully equipped with tower and flag…
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You can listen to Federico Gardella’s Di Rami e Radici, performed by Alfonso Alberti inside the concert:

Alfonso Alberti – Piano Music and Visual Arts – 1


Marco Fusi at Limenmusic

Today the talented italian violinist Marco Fusi will record in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for the Web Tv.

He studied at “G.Verdi” conservatoire in Milan, and then he attended specialization courses with Pavel Vernikov, Jeanne Marie Conquer, Ernst Kovacic and Dimitrios Polisoidis.
Marco Fusi is also a composer: his compositions have been performed in many concert halls, including Verbania’s “Per Adesso” festival, “Batique” festival and Notturni in Villa Simonetta (Milan), “rassegna Fiesolana” (Fiesole), Disney Hall (Los Angeles).

In particular, he will perform for us:

Luciano Berio – Sequenza VIII
Salvatore Sciarrino – 6 capricci
Franco Donatoni – Ciglio
Alessandro Solbiati – Due adagi – Tiresia e la Pizia
Federico Gardella – Estroso
Lorenzo Pagliei – Miti perpetui