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Something changes…

Limenmusic is glad to announce that from 15 May 2012 were opened its new studios, in Milan.
A multifuncional space, that will host not only a recording studio, but also a sort of “square” where people could meet and talk about art, music, culture…
Some photos of the studios will be soon available…

Limenmusic Studio
via Bordighera 15, Milano
Tel. 02.89078984


Coming soon in music stores and digital

From May 7. 2012 you will find in all music stores and digital the new album of  Danilo Rossi and Stefano Bezziccheri, “La viola romantica” (CD+DVD).
Continue the valuable collaboration between Limenmusic and two leading musicians, First Viola Soloist of La Scala Theatre in Milan, M° Danilo Rossi and the pianist Stefano Bezziccheri.
In this third volume they proposed to the public a repertoire organized around the theme of romanticism, an adjective that over time has been subject of so intense historical debates and critical ambiguities.
Here are the executions of three authors who, while remaining distant musically and personally, are linked by the use of the same romantic language: Schumann, Schubert and Glinka: a very close and continuous dialogue between soloist and accompaniment able, once again, to create a slow and thoughtful atmosphere.


Danilo Rossi, viola
Stefano Bezziccheri, piano
La viola romantica
CD+DVD – Limen classic & contemporary BLACK LINE

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Quartetto Prometeo, the new album

Finally you can find in music stores and digital the new album of the italian string quartet, Quartetto Prometeo.

Two compositions that belong to classical repertoire, “Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Serioso” and Franz Schubert’s “Das Tod und das Mädchen”, are protagonists of the new volume of Limen Black Line series. A program transcribed by Mahler during his early working years with the Vienna Philharmonics, and today proposed by the renowned Italian string quartet, with a brilliant international career, Quartetto Prometeo.

Since the beginning this artists, thanks to an excellent execution, both technically and emotionally, give to the listener the intensity and the power of this two beautiful works.

The DVD contain also interviews of great value given by two leading artists of the national and international music scene: Salvatore Sciarrino and Salvatore Accardo, who talk about their personal relationship with Quartetto Prometeo.



Quartetto Prometeo
Ludwig van Beethoven
Franz Schubert
CD+DVD – LIMEN Classic & contemporary Black Line

Album details

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Danilo Rossi on RAI Radio 3 on March 28


The music lesson with M° Danilo Rossi was postponed to March 28. 2012 on RAI Radio 3 at 22:50 (GMT+1)

A music lesson with Danilo Rossi on Radio3 Suite
presents: Oreste Bossini

The main theme is Shostakovich’s Sonata for viola and piano, Op. 147.
During the lesson Danilo Rossi will talk about his latest discografical production, in collaboration with the italian pianist Stefano Bezziccheri: “La viola del ’900“.
In this CD you will find this beautiful Sonata written by Dmitri Shostakovich in 1975.

For album details, please click here.

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Next releases….

Limen music & arts is pleased to announce the release of a new album, scheduled for January 2012, of the Italian ensemble Quartetto Prometeo….

In this album:

Ludwig van Beethoven – String Quartet “Serioso” Op. 95
1 – Allegro con brio
2 – Allegretto ma non troppo
3 – Allegro assai vivace ma serioso
4 – Larghetto espressivo – Allegretto agitato

Franz Schubert – String Quartet in in D minor D 810 “Der Tod und das Mädchen”
6 – Allegro
7 – Andante con moto
8 – Scherzo Allegro molto
9 – Presto

…and special contents…………

Stay tuned!!!!!!!


New Limenmusic’s Web Site…

From yesterday is on-line the new Limenmusic’s web site @…easier, clearer, more interactive, full of new contents and areas.
To navigate into the site and enjoy all the concert, Limenmusic asks you to registered, clicking on SIGN IN button. The REGISTRATION IS TOTALLY FREE, furthermore we don’t need personal data, only a nickname, a password and a email address.

With Limenmusic you’ll be able to play with other users, giving musical notes (points).
Make friends for being recharged.
Remember: with Limenmusic more you give, more you will be contacted.

On the new web site, limenmusic gives you the opportunity to create up to 6 playlist, choosing tracks from its concerts!
Furthermore you’ll be able to share your playlist with other Limenmusic’s users or with your facebook’s friends!