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Means of defence and traumas II, by Sonia Arienta

Did you ever think that when we refer to operatic theatre in Italy our mind immediately runs straight on to two types of approach? The melomaniac one and the “indifferent” one. The last includes he who feels oneself ignorant, inadequate in this field thanks to one’s own choice or to an imposition due to a cultural lack produced by a deficit in national cultural politics. Behind the indifference of such a potential audience it’s often easy to find an awe towards the score pages. Towards all that belongs to the misterious world made of staves and notes. Full score too often is felt as a cage where the spectator fears of to be caught in, just in reason of the incapability of reading it, victim of the musical illiteracy imposed and decreeted from above. Towards operatic music it has been open a campaign of methodical displacement and disinformation…
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