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Quartetto Anthos on “Piazza Verdi”, Radio 3

Quartetto Anthos will be guest on November 26 at 15:00 (GMT+1) on “Piazza Verdi” – Radio 3.

Radio 3 – On air @

During this meeting this renowned and appreciated Italian quartett will talk about their projects, and will perform some of the most representative pieces of their repertoire, such as: Andante cantabile, from the Schumann‘s Opus 47, three movements from Gianluca Cascioli‘s quartet (written and dedicated to them) and a pieces by Alexandre Tansman.

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In the meantime, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful concert recorded by Quartetto Anthos at Limen Studio:

In this concert:
Johannes Brahms – Klavierquartett in sol minore Op. 25


From September 2011 on Limenmusic Web Tv…

Here we are…Limenmusic restarts in September with new concerts, specials, interviews with leading musicians of national and international scene, new releases…and so much more.

Here are some advances:

Takahiro Yoshikawa plays L. van Beethoven – Episode 1
In this concert the young and talented Japanese pianist Takahiro Yoshikawa will perform L. van Beethoven’s Piano Sonata n. 1 in F minor.
This Opus was the first piano sonata written by the German composer in 1795. This work was dedicated to his predecessor Joseph Haydn, who has strongly influenced the early period of Beethoven’s career.

Alfonso Alberti in concert
Alfonso Alberti, appreciated Italian pianist and musicologist, will propose to the audience a concert on musics by: Luca Francesconi (1956), Flavio Emilio Scogna (1969), Paul Méfano (1937).
Furthermore, he will perform aworld première: Giostre di cristallo, written in 2000/2001 by Stefano Bulfon.

Shin Sasakubo in concert
Limenmusic proposes another kind of music, other than classical and contemporary one, the Andean – Peruvian music. In this concert the Japanese guitarist Shin Sasakubo will introduce the audience to the discover of the Andean world and its people, with some of its traditional musics.

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Limen recommends: Tatiana Larionova plays Six moments musicaux Op. 16

Six moments musicaux Op. 16, proposed by Limenmusic and performed by Tatiana Larionova, is a set of solo piano pieces composed by Sergej Rachmaninoff between October and December 1896, and dedicated to Aleksandr Zatayevich, a Russian composer he had met before he had composed this work.
This six works have been described as “true concert works, being best served on a stage and with a concert grand”. Is a sophiscticated work that evidences his early virtuosity and sets an example for the quality of his future works.
The set’s name is inspired by Franz Schubert‘s piano cycle, also called Six moments musicaux (Op. 94, 1828), which of course are written on a much more intimate scale.
The Six moments musicaux are:

  1. Andantino, B-flat minor
  2. Allegretto, E-flat minor
  3. Andante cantabile, B minor
  4. Presto, E minor
  5. Adagio sostenuto, D-flat major
  6. Maestoso, C major

Born in 1979 in Primorskij Krai (URSS) Tatiana Larionova began studying the piano at the age of five. In 1991, she entered the Central Music School in Moscow, where she studied under Professor Yuri Slesarev. After graduating in 1997 with highest rating, Tatiana attended the Moscow State Conservatory where she studied until 2004 under Professor Victor Merzhanov, taking, again with best votes, her doctorate…
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J. F. F. Burgmüller: coming soon on Limenmusic Web Tv

From tuesday, July 19. 2011 on Limenmusic Web Tv:

Aki Kuroda on Limenmusic Web Tv

This concert is an extracts of the new album by Aki Kuroda: BURGMÜLLER COMPLETE ÉTUDES.

Limen music & arts proposes to the audience the complete collection of the Etudes for piano Op. 100, 105 and 109 composed by J. F. F. Burgmuller, for the first time available in video, interpreted by great musician, worldwide appreciated as a performer, but also as a teacher: Aki Kuroda.
A wonderful production, not only for the expressive melody lines and the marvellous images evoked by the intensive and reliable executions of this extraordinary Japanese pianist, but also for the educational value linked to this work.
Burgmuller was born as a piano teacher, and his studies have always been used in schools around the world for the education, not only of young composers, but of all age groups.
In addition to the famous three etudes, this album contains two other works by Burgmüller: Fantaisie Brillante Op. 92, based on the opera Ernani by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, and Souvenir de Ratisbonne Op.67, a light and beautiful waltz used in Adolphe-Charles Adam’s famous ballet Giselle.

For more info about the album, please, click here.


Schumann and Wolf: coming soon on Limenmusic Web Tv

From friday, June 24. 2011 on Limenmusic Web Tv at Stelia Doz and Guido Salvetti in concert.

To find out the trailer, please, click here.

For more info about Duo Stelia Doz and Guido Salvetti, please, click here.

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Shin Sasakubo on Limenmusic Web Tv

By now you can find a new concert on Limenmusic Web Tv at Shin Sasakubo plays Sylvano Bussotti.

Guitarist and composer, Shin Sasakubo was born in Tokyo on 1983.
He specialized in Andean – Peruvian music and classic and contemporary music.
He realized presentations and masterclasses in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, greece, Bulgaria and Japan. From 2004 to 2007 he moved to Peru, where he devoted himself to the study of Andean music and the understanding of Andean world, together with its people.

In this concert:
Sylvano Bussoti – Ermafrodito
Sylvano Bussoti – Rara Eco Sierologico
Sylvano Bussoti – Autotono

For the trailer of the concert, please, click here.


New Limenmusic’s Web Site…

From yesterday is on-line the new Limenmusic’s web site @…easier, clearer, more interactive, full of new contents and areas.
To navigate into the site and enjoy all the concert, Limenmusic asks you to registered, clicking on SIGN IN button. The REGISTRATION IS TOTALLY FREE, furthermore we don’t need personal data, only a nickname, a password and a email address.

With Limenmusic you’ll be able to play with other users, giving musical notes (points).
Make friends for being recharged.
Remember: with Limenmusic more you give, more you will be contacted.

On the new web site, limenmusic gives you the opportunity to create up to 6 playlist, choosing tracks from its concerts!
Furthermore you’ll be able to share your playlist with other Limenmusic’s users or with your facebook’s friends!