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Rondò 2011 – Divertimento Ensemble: Concert n. 3

From today, March 27th, 2011 you can find on Limenmusic Web Tv, in the On Demand area, the third concert of the musical season of Divertimento Ensemble: Rondò 2011.

In this concert:

Mauricio KagelCuatro piezas para piano (1954)
Performed by Maria Grazia Bellocchio (piano)

Bruno MantovaniAppel dair (2000)
Performed by Maria Grazia Bellocchio (piano) and Lorenzo Missaglia (flute)

Franco DonatoniFili (1981)
Performed by Maria Grazia Bellocchio (piano) and Lorenzo Missaglia (flute)

Bruno Maderna Musica su due dimensioni (1958)
Performed by Lorenzo Missaglia (flute)

Yan MareszCircumambulation (1993)
Performed by Lorenzo Missaglia (flute)

For the concert, please visite the On Demand of Limenmusic Web Tv @


Limenmusic hosts Divertimento Ensemble

Today the pianist Maria Grazia Bellocchio will record a track from the second concert, which took place on February 23, 2011 at Palazzina Liberty in Milano: Mauricio Kagel – Cuatro piezas para piano.

The flautist Lorenzo Missaglia will record another tracks from the same concert: Bruno Maderna – Suonata su due dimensioni and Yan Maresz – Circumambulation.

Furthermore, this two artists will perform toghether in another two beautiful pieces: Fili, by Franco Donatoni and Appel d’air, by Bruno Mantovani.

This performances will be broadcast on Limenmusic Web Tv on Friday, March 18th.

For more info about Divertimento Ensemble and the musical season Rondò 2011, please visite the web site:

For more info about the collaboration between Limenmusic and Divertimento Ensemble, please click here.

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