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New releases….Tatiana Larionova

Tatiana Larionova starts her great passion for music, especially for piano, when she was only 5 years old in her homeland, URSS, where she finished the studies. Currently she Lives in Italy, where she regularly performs for the most important societies, and passionately dedicated herself to chamber music and teaching.
In this album (CD+DVD), with the delicate and intense executions of this talented pianist, we are going to trace one by one true cornerstones of modern pianism.
With Joseph Haydn‘s Sonata in E minor Hob. XVI: 34, published in 1783, we are at the beginning of the history of the piano, in a sort of interregnum between the Baroque and the Classical-Romantic style.
Then we have a fundamental turning point for the birth of the concert piano in the modern sense of the term, with Franz Liszt. The first author that gives to the soloist the importance that he deserves. In this production we proposed to the listener one of the most difficult pieces of the piano repertoire: Aprés une lecture du Dante “Fantasia quasi Sonata”, a more than famous composition inspired to the Divina Commedia.
The proposed course closes with Rachmaninoff‘s Six Moments musicaux Op. 16, in which the research of the instrument and its potentiality, carried out by Liszt during his creative career, is brings to its extreme results.

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