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Corrado Rojac at Verona Contemporanea

Verona Contemporanea Festival, organized by Fondazione Arena di Verona and Accademia Filarmonica di Verona, opens this year in memory of Franco Donatoni. The composer born in Verona, whose 10th death anniversary is celebrated this year, is today considered among the most important of late twentieth century. Last 6th October, in the prestigious Sala Maffeiana, was represented the opening concert of the event. In the afternoon, at 17, the musicologist Enzo Restagno introduced the large audience to Franco Donatoni poetry; the musical event took place at 18, and was represented by Corrado Rojac accordion and Silvia Mandolini violin. Corrado Rojac, musician from Trieste and accordion professor at Conservatorio di Trieste, has always been active in the promotion of his instrument in the context of contemporary music.
He introduced himself to the public in Verona with Trittico, a piece of Alessandro Solbiati, and Feria IV a piece of Donatoni. Violinist Silvia Mandolini has instead chosen Sequenza per violin solo by Luciano Berio and the donatoniano Argot. The program focused therefore, not only on composer Donatoni, but also on the musical mileu created around him: infact next to Donatoni pieces, were also performed pieces of another protagonist of his time, Luciano Berio, and of a Donatoni student, Alessandro Solbiati, today rising in contemporary music panorama. Alessandro Solbiati was Corrado Rojac teacher of composition, and Trittico was created as a tribute to the student.

Written by Corrado Rojac