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From today you can buy our latest discographical works on at

In particular:

Danilo Rossi graduated with full distinction in 1985 and then completed and perfected his studies
with Dino Asciolla, Piero Farulli and Yuri Bashmet. He was only 20 years old when Riccardo Muti choose him as first viola soloist of both the Theatre and Philharmonic Orchestras of La Scala in Milan (a position he currently still holds), so becoming the youngest ever first violist in the history of this world-famous and prestigious institution. Winner of ten national and international competitions, including those of Vittorio Veneto, Stresa and Moscow, he was awarded for two years the Honorary Diploma from the Chigiana Academy. Danilo Rossi is regularly invited to perform at major international Festivals, as a soloist with other great musicians (Azzolini, Brandis, Bashmet, Brunello, Canino, Carmignola, Chung, Dindo, Gallois, Gerart, Ghiglia, Lucchesini, Muti, Tortelier), and with eminent formations (Arditti Quartet, Nuovo Quartetto Italiano, Trio Italiano, Vanbrugh Quartet. For many years he was a member of the String Trio and the String Quartet of La Scala, groups with which he performed in the most prestigious international halls, in Europe (Lugano, Munich,
Frankfurt, Madrid, Bern) and overseas (Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Montreal).
Since the beginning of the Nineties he has been performing for the major musical institutions, in duet with the pianist Stefano Bezziccheri, with which he proposes, in this new production for Limenmusic, the two Brahms’ Sonatas (op.120 n°1 and 2), that the German composer had originally written for clarinet and piano, and later transcribed for viola. This work is proposed in a dual format: CD and DVD.


Limenmusic is an offspring of Associazione Culturale Limen, founded in 1991, the brainchild of twenty yoears of musical research.
In this new production (CD+DVD), Limenmusic compares two of the greatest interpreters of the piano in Italy. Dado Moroni, one of the jazz  pianist most loved and renowned both in Italy and abroad; and Alfonso Alberti: pianist and musicologis knowed for his commitment ti the promotion of the twentieth century’s music, with a repertoire that ranges from historical avant-garde to the younger composers.
Accompanied by Aldo Zunino at the bass, Dado Moroni proposes five original tracks, that bear his signature, and that highlights his technical and  interpretative skills.
Alfonso Alberti offers us, in the intimate of th epiano solo, his interpretation of two works by two italian composersof the last century: Niccolò Castiglioni’s Cangianti and Quadermo musicale di Annalibera, a composition that the composer Luigi Dallapiccola dedicated to his daughter for her eighth birthday.

We remember you that on you can also buy the Takahiro Yoshikawa‘s CD:


This CD dedicated to Fryderyc Chopin’s work, is a precise guided crossing of compositive poetics, of the various nuances and different phsyclogical and stylistic landscapes proposed by the Polish musicians.





Limenmusic hosts Rondò 2011 – Divertimento Ensemble

From February 4th, 2011 Limenmusic will host on its Web Tv the musical season of Divertimento Ensemble: Rondò 2011.
It will be possible to listen and review many of the concert in program, both on Channel 1 – classical (in broadcast mode) and into the On-Demand area of Limenmusic web site.

The Divertimento Ensemble was founded in 1977 by several of the most important musicians in Milan, in collaboration with many other internationally renowned instrumentalists. With Sandro Gorli as director, the Ensemble quickly attained considerable success both in Italy and abroad, with over 1000 concerts and 10 CDs to its credit to date. In 1978, only its second year in existence, the Ensemble was included in the prestigious programmes of Milan’s Società del Quartetto and the “Musica nel Nostro Tempo” music festival.
For more info about Divertimento Ensemble and the musical season Rondò 2011, please visite the web site:

Today the pianist Maria Grazia Bellocchio will record a track from the second concert, which took place on January 26, 2011 at Palazzina Liberty, Milano: Ivan Fedele, Suite Francese.

Furthermore, the clarinetist Maurizio Longoni will record another track from the same concert: Giacinto Scelsi, Preghiera per un’ombra

This two performances will be broadcast on Limenmusic Web Tv on Friday, February 4th.

For more info about the collaboration between Limenmusic and Divertimento Ensemble, please click here.

Don’t miss it!


Marco Fusi at Limenmusic

Today the talented italian violinist Marco Fusi will record in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for the Web Tv.

He studied at “G.Verdi” conservatoire in Milan, and then he attended specialization courses with Pavel Vernikov, Jeanne Marie Conquer, Ernst Kovacic and Dimitrios Polisoidis.
Marco Fusi is also a composer: his compositions have been performed in many concert halls, including Verbania’s “Per Adesso” festival, “Batique” festival and Notturni in Villa Simonetta (Milan), “rassegna Fiesolana” (Fiesole), Disney Hall (Los Angeles).

In particular, he will perform for us:

Luciano Berio – Sequenza VIII
Salvatore Sciarrino – 6 capricci
Franco Donatoni – Ciglio
Alessandro Solbiati – Due adagi – Tiresia e la Pizia
Federico Gardella – Estroso
Lorenzo Pagliei – Miti perpetui


New recordings for Limenmusic: Danilo Rossi & Stefano Bezziccheri

From today Danilo Rossi, First Viola Soloist of the Orchestra of La Scala Theatre in Milan, accompanied by Stefano Bezziccheri at the piano will record in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for a new CD+DVD box set.

This is the third step of a recording project that will lead to the creation of a collection of six box sets of great music for viola and piano, wich pays tribute to the main composers who have written for this ensemble. In particular this work is dedicated to the viola of the twentieth century:

B. Britten – “Lacrymae”
D. Schostakovich – Sonata op. 147
P. Hindemith – Sonata “Fantasia” op. 11 n. 4

We remeber you that the first CD+DVD box set arised from the collaboration between Danilo Rossi, Stefano Bezziccheri and Limenmusic is dedicated to the Brahms’ Sonatas 1 and 2 Op. 120:

Danilo Rossi, viola
Johannes Brahms – SONATE
op.120 n. 1 and 2
piano: Stefano Bezziccheri
CD+DVD Limen Classic & contemporary


New recordings for Limenmusic: Aki Kuroda

Last week the renowned Japanese pianist Aki Kuroda, has recorded in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for a new CD+DVD box set, which will be part of an unpublished project dedicated to musical education.

This discographical work his entirely dedicated to the German pianist and composer Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller (4 December 1806 – 13 February 1874).
He is probably best known today for his etudes and other works for piano students
, infact selections from Op. 68, 76, 100, 105 and 109 etudes appear in a wide variety of educational collections.

In this CD+DVD box set, avalaible from March 2011, you will find:

25 Etudes faciles et progressives, conposées et doigtées expressément pour l’étendue des petites mains Op.100

12 Etudes brillantes et mélodiques Op.105

18 Etudes de genre (faisant Suite aux Etudes faciles op. 100) Op.109

Waiting for the DVD, you can listen to Aki Kuroda on Limenmusic Web Tv:

Aki Kuroda in concert

Aki Kuroda plays Bach, Brahms, Scriabin

Aki Kuroda plays Mochizuki – Sugiyama

Aki Kuroda plays A.N. Skrjabin

Sonia Formenti and Aki Kuroda play Franco Donatoni


Shin Sasakubo at Limenmusic Web Tv

On January 10th and 11th, 2011 the renowned guitarist and composers Shin Sasakubo will record in Limenmusic studio a concert for the Web Tv.

Born in Tokyo in 1983, Shin Sasakubo is specialized in Peruvian Andean and contemporary classical music. He has made several presentations and master classes in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Greece, Bulgaria and Japan. He has partecipated to conferences on Andean music in Japanese universities and international festivals.

He won many international competitions such as: first prize at the “Festival Cosquìn” in Japan, the third prize in the “Junior Guitar Competition” in Tokyo, the first prize in the “Guitar Competition of Japan” in Osaka, the first proze in the “Guitar Contest Saitama”, the second proze in the “AM LAM Competition of Latin American Music” in Tokyo anche the third proze in the “J.S. Bach Competition”.

From 2005 to 2007 he moved to Peru, where he dedicated himself to deepen the study of Andean music and to understanding the Andean world. Is also committed to the spread of Peruvian music and composers.

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011: Shin Sasakubo in concert at Spazio Sirin (via Vincenzo Vela, 15 – Milano – Italy):

“Obras de Sylvano Bussotti y Musica Peruana”

Part one:
1. Autotono (Sylvano Bussotti)
2. Ermafrodito (Sylvano Bussotti)
3. Rara eco sierologico (Sylvano Bussotti)

Part two:
1.Fantasia sobre el tema Canastitay (Tradicional de Peru-arreglo por Shin S)
2.Fantasia sobre el tema Vidallay vida (Tradicional de Peru-arreglo por Shin S)
3.Coca quintucha (Tradicional de Peru-arreglo por Shin S)
4.Llaqtay Urqu (Tradicional de Peru-arreglo por Shin S)
5.La anaconda (Tradicional de Peru-arreglo por Shin S)

More info @

Web site:


New recordings for Limenmusic: Takahiro Yoshikawa

This week the young and talented Japanese pianist, Takahiro Yoshikawa will record in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for a new CD+DVD box set.

This discographical work his entirely dedicated to the night, infact Takahiro will perform a series of tracks that recall the atmosphere of the night:

Ludwing van Beethoven
Piano Sonata N. 14 in C-sharp minor Op. 27 n. 2
I Adagio
II Allegretto
III Preso agitato

Frédéric Chopin
Nocturnes Op. 27
n. 1 in C-sharp minor
n. 2 in D-flat major

Franz Liszt
Études d’exécution transcendante n. 11 “Harmonies du Soir” S. 139 n. 11

Maurice Ravel
Gaspard de la Nuit
I. Ondine
II. Le Gibet
III. Scarbo

Waiting for the CD+DVD box set, you can listen to Takahiro Yoshikawa on Limenmusic Web TV.

Takahiro Yoshikawa in concert

Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Stravinsky – Ravel

Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Liszt – Wagner

Duo V. Zucchiatti – T. Yoshikawa in concert

Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Chopin


New recordings for Limenmusic: String sextet of Accademia Teatro alla Scala

Today the String sextet of Accademia Teatro alla Scala has recorded in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for the Web Tv.

Founded in 2009, the musical group is made up of Livio Salvatore Troiano (violin) Aldo Sebastian Cicchini (violin), Luca Guidi (viola), Paolo Fumagalli (viola), Gianluca Muzzolon (cello) and Alejandro Mariangel Pradenas (cello).

In homage to the Italian composer Franco Donatoni, they performed his Sestetto.

About String sextet

Accademia Teatro alla Scala


New recordings for Limenmusic Web Tv

Saturday, December 4th 2010, the renowed japanese pianist Aki Kuroda, has recorded in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for the Web Tv.

In homage to the Russian composer and pianist Alexander Scriabin, she performed for us:

Scriabin – Sonata for piano n.4 Op. 30 (1903)
Scriabin – Sonata for piano n.9 Op. 68 “Black Mass” (1912-1913)

The earliest pieces composed by Scriabin are written for the piano, and are influenced by one of the greatest composers for piano of all time, Frédéric Chopin. His music gradually evolved over the years, creating very original works, that employing very inusual harmonies and texture. The development of Scriabin’s style can be followed in his twelve piano sonatas: the earliest are composed in a fairly conventional late-Romantic idiom and show the influence of Chopin and, sometimes, of Franz Liszt; but the later ones move into original territories, infact  the last five being written without indication of tone.

Waiting for broadcasting of the concert on the Web Tv, you can listen to Aki Kuroda on Limenmusic.

Aki Kuroda in concert

Aki Kuroda plays Bach, Brahms, Scriabin

Aki kuroda plays Mochizuki – Sugiyama


New recordings for Limenmusic Web Tv

Yesterday (December 1st 2010) the talented pianist Tatiana Larionova has recorded in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for the Web Tv.
In homage to the polish composer and pianist Fryderyk Chopin, she has performed for us 24 Preludes Op.28; a collection of compositions written by the author between 1835 and 1839.


Waiting for broadcasting of the concert on the Web Tv, you can listen to Tatiana Larionova on Limenmusic.

Tatiana Larionova plays 6 Moments musicaux op.161