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Franco Cerri meets Elena Casoli – DUETS vol. 3

From May 2nd, 2011 will be available in major music stores and e-commerce sites the third volume belonging to DUETS series, where Jazz meets contemporary music.



Franco Cerri – Elena Casoli
La chitarra tra il jazz e il ‘900 eurocolto

organ: Alberto Gurrisi
double-bass: Mattia Magatelli
drums: Riccardo Tosi

Special guest: Sylvano Bussotti

LIMEN Jazz – DUETS – vol. 3




Two roads running parallel, but in the end seem to reflected one inside the other: the intense and elegant jazz of Franco Cerri, and the contemporary music of Elena Casoli.
Franco Cerri, considered the most representing jazz guitarist, extremely committed to the spread of jazz culture and the study of guitar, in this album proposes 6 unpublished pieces, in which is accompanied by leading jazz musicians: Alberto Gurrisi (organ) Mattia Magatelli (double-bass) and Riccardi Tosi (drums).
Elena Cerri, italian guitarist, extremely active in Europe, United States and Japan, which has always engaged in the research of new shapes and colors for her instrument by drawing on the literature of the past and present, closes this album offering to the audience her intense and suggestive interpretation of Ennio Morricone, Gian Francesco Malipiero and Maurizio Pisati’s pieces.
The value of this volume of DUETS’ series is increased by the extraordinary partecipation of one of the greatest italian artists and composers, considered the leading exponent of the New Italian Music, Sylvano Bussotti, which accompanies Elena Casoli in the performance of “Ultima R.A.R.A”.

You can appreciate a preview of this beautiful album on Limenmusic Web Tv:

Elena Casoli plays Malipiero, Bussotti and Morricone
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New Limenmusic’s Web Site…

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It happen today…

On April 27th, 1992 was died the french composer Olivier Eugène Prosper Charles Messiaen, widely regarded as one of the major composers of the 20th century.

During his life he travelled widely and wrote works inspired by different influences such as Japanese music, the landscape of Bryce Canyon in Utah and the life of St. Francis of Assisi. He said he perceived colours when he heard certain musical chords, particularly those built from his modes (a phenomenon known as synaesthesia); combinations of these colours, he said, were important in his compositional process.
Messiaen entered the Paris Conservatoire at the age of 11 and was taught by Paul Dukas, Maurice Emmanuel, Charles-Marie Widor and Marcel Dupré, among others.
His music is rhythmically complex; harmonically and melodically it is based on modes of limited transposition, which he abstracted from his early compositions and improvisations. Many of his compositions depict what he termed “the marvellous aspects of the faith”, and drew on his deeply held Roman Catholicism.
In 1940, Messiaen was made a prisoner of war, during which time he composed his Quatuor pour la fin du temps (“Quartet for the end of time”) for the four available instruments—piano, violin, cello and clarinet. The piece was first performed by Messiaen and fellow prisoners for an audience of inmates and prison guards.
You can appreciate this wonderful pieces performed by Trio Magritte and Paolo Beltramini, Principal Clarinet of the RSI “Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana” on Limenmusic Web Tv.
Trio Magritte is made up by:
Emanuela Piemonti, pianist.
Francesco Senese, violinist.
Luca Franzetti, cellist.

For the concert, please click here.


Linus blanket, by Sonia Arienta

From a visual point of view, set design is the most important attraction for the average audience in a stage production. So, we can see different manners of misappropriation towards “embarrassing” operas and genre (melodrama), when cultural politics point to anaesthetize them.

Reassuring” stage productions which “protect” especially the italian Nineteenth century masterpieces from modernity contamination apparently repeat the primary functions of a wrapping (the protective one precisely). As a matter of fact, they alter the message reception. They embalm the former artistic productions in a case, where even the most destabilising specimen preserves the danger of a tropical arachnid slept behind a terrarium glass. To make Opera a museum piece of, or to banalize it with apparently “modern” stage production, it moves away audience, especially joung people, already penalised by educational programming that cuts away a musical teaching…
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Takahiro Yoshikawa in concert for NHK

On May 19th, 2011 in Kyoto: Takahiro Yoshikawa in concert.
The recording of the concert will be open to the audience, and will be broacast on NHK BS “Classic Club” and on NHK FM “Best of Classic”.

In particular Takahiro Yoshikawa will perform for the audience:

Franz Liszt
From Année de pèlerinage: Troisième année S. 163:
Aux cyprès de la Villa d’Este I Threnodie
Aux cyprès de la Villa d’Este II Threnodie
Les jeux d’eaux à la Villa d’Este

Maurice Ravel
Gaspard de la Nuit

Igor Stravinsky
Trois mouvements de Pétrouchka

Francis Poulenc
Les soirées de Nazelles

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Waiting for the concert, you can listen to Takahiro Yoshikawa on Limenmsuc Web Tv:

Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Stravinsky – Ravel

Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Liszt – Wagner


It happen today…

On April 20th, 1893 in Barcelona was born the father of the Surrealism, Joan Miró i Ferrà, the world renowned Spanish Catalan painter, sculptur and ceramist.
Son of a watchmaking father and a goldsmith mother, he begane to draw when he was only 8 years old.
Miró attended the School of industrial and Fine Arts in Barcelona until 1910, during hia attendance he took private lessons of painting. After suffering a nervous breakdown he dicided to abandone the business world for art.
In 1920 he moved to Paris, where he met Pablo Picasso and developed his trend of surrealist painting.
From 1929 to 1930 Miró begane to make interest in the objects as such, in the form of collages.
During his final period he concentrated on monumental and public works. One of Miró’s most important works in the United States is his only glass mosaic mural, Personnage Orseaux created for Wichita State University’s Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Kansas. The mural is one of Miró’s largest two-dimensional projects, undertaken when he was 79 and completed when he was 85 years of age. Fabrication of the mural was actually completed in 1977, but Miró did not consider it finished until the installation was complete.
He died bedridden at his home in Palma (Majorca) on December 25, 1983.
Many of his pieces are exhibited today in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and Fundació Joan Miró in Montjuïc, Barcelona.


Music and calligraphy: Toshio Hosokawa’s percussions

The East is different. This simple reality is often clouded by the phenomenon everybody knows as globalization. The outlines of cultures are blurred and the differences softened, the amazement in front of what is far from us stops and we have the impression of knowing everything of everybody: in the West we are living in the era of conversions to Buddhism, of the wild commercialization of Zen philosophy, of geishas tales and so on. The face of Japan, by example, increasingly appears, with its big cities and multinational conglomerates, less different from the western counterparts. That notwithstanding, the East is really different (and the Zen is far more than a lovely reading for commuters), and also the intersections that happen there have something special.

As an example: the Nagasaki-born composer Toshio Hosokawa reports that when in the Noh drama a musician is preparing to play the tsuzumi, a percussion instrument, he brings forth the right hand, draws a circle in the air and only at that point actually generates the sound by hitting the instrument. The ensuing sound is laden with a peculiar tension, that begins through the gesture that comes before the real sound. The performer, in the preliminary gesture, lets out an exclamation, and this cry helps to raise the tension. As an outcome, the sound and the preceding silence are not each rival to the other, whereas the sound somehow takes his roots in the preliminary gesture…
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Ivan Fedele’s CD+DVD: one of the most interesting releases in iTunes

Have you looked in iTunes into the most interesting releases in the context of classical music?

You will find the Ivan Fedele’s complete piano works, interpreted by Ciro Longobardi!

A wonderful album in which the renowned Italian pianist, Ciro Longobardi, accompanies the audience on a journey through a quarter of a century (1983-2008) of music by Ivan Fedele, considered one of the most representative contemporary authors nationally and internationally.

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Alfonso Alberti at koinè 2011

On friday Aprile 29, 2011 at Teatro dal Verme in Milan (Italy) – koinè 2011 concert season, Alfonso Alberti, together with I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra, will performed the premiere of Dialoghi con la terra per pianoforte e orchestra, composed by Gabriele Manca.

Program of the concert:

Gabriele Manca
Dialoghi con la terra per pianoforte e orchestra (prima esecuzione assoluta, commissione de I Pomeriggi Musicali)

György Ligeti
Ramifications per orchestra d’archi

Ruggero Laganà
Afrodite (prima esecuzione assoluta, commissione de I Pomeriggi Musicali) per voce, viola solista e ensemble

I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra
Conductor- Yoichi Sugiyama
Piano – Alfonso Alberti
Viola – Maria Ronchini
Voice – Giulia Peri

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Mauro Negri meets Fabrizio Meloni – DUETS vol. 2

From April 26th, 2011 will be available in major music stores and e-commerce site the second volume belonging to DUETS series, where Jazz meets contemporary music.


Mauro Negri – Fabrizio Meloni
Il clarinetto nel jazz e nel ‘900 italiano

drum: Maxx Furian
piano: Nazzareno Carusi

CD+DVD – Limen Jazz – DUETS vol. 2



Contemporary music and italian Jazz are meeting in this new project by Limen music & arts, born from the collaboration with Warner Chappell Music Italiana editions, devoted to great duets, in which the artists inquire into the intersections between repertoires apparently differents and irreconcilable.
The second volume of this collection, is dedicated to the clarinet, thanks to extraordinary interpreters: Fabrizio Meloni, worldwide renowned and appreciated musicians, since 1984 holds the prestigious role of First Clarinet Soloist of the Theater and Philamonic of La Scala in Milan, and Mauro Negri, clarinetist and saxofonist of international fame, that has collaborated with great name of jazz culture, like Kenny Wheeler, Billy Cobhan and Albert Mangesldorff.
Accompanied by Maxx Furian, Mauro Negri opens this album with six unpublished and original pieces, that show to the audience his talent both as compositor and interpreters.
Fabrizio Meloni, enchants the audience with his expressivity and security, thanks to his interpretation of Luciano Berio, Armando Gentilucci and Claude Debussy’s pieces.

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