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Rondò 2011 – Divertimento ensemble: Concert n. 5

Today Maria Grazia Bellocchio, Divertimento Ensemble’s pianist, will record in Limenmusic’s studio the fifth concert of Rondò 2011.

In particular she will perform for us:

P. Dusapin – Étude pour piano n. 5, 6 and 7
G. Pesson – Trois petites études mèlancoliques
A. Solbiati – Fête
F. Nieder – Ein abendliches Glochkenspiel, Deutsches Volkslied in Kanonform
T. Adès – Still sorrowing
M. Momi – Tre nudi
L. Nono – Sofferte onde serene per pianoforte e nastro magnetico

For more info about Divertimento Ensemble and the musical season Rondò 2011, please visite the web site:

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Ivan Fedele presents Morolòja kài Erotikà in Rome

On May 5th, 2011 at Teatro Argentina in Rome (Italy), will be presented the premiere of Morolòja kài Erotikà, a new piece for voice and string quartet written by the italian composer Ivan Fedele, on commission of Accademia Filarmonica Romana, interpreted by Valentina Coladonato (Soprano) and Quartetto Prometeo.

Ivan Fedele is author of more than sixty productions, that ranging from orchestral, concerto and electroacoustic works,to the chambre music, is considered one of the most representative contemporary authors nationally and internationally.
Eclectic and versatile artist, able to weave in his works two apparently differents and irreconcilable worlds: music and maths, linking a bold musical formation and an intense knowledge of theorical math, inherited from an early age by his father.

To find out the new Ivan Fedele’s album on Limenmusic, please click here.


Alfonso Alberti at Limenmusic

Today the renowned and talented Italian pianist and musicologist Alfonso Alberti, will record in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for the Web Tv.

In particular he will perform for us:

L. Francesconi – Mambo
G. Sinopoli – Strutture
F. E. Scogna – Cadenza seconda
S. Bulfon – Giostre di cristrallo
P. Méfano – Mémoire de la porte blanche

Born 1976, Alfonso Alberti studied piano at the “G. Verdi” School of Music, Milan, with Piero Rattalino and Riccardo Risaliti, graduating with honours, and he attended specialization courses held by Massimiliano Damerini, Rosalyn Tureck, Franco Scala and Oleg Marshev. He made his debut as a pianist at the age of 17, in the Sala Verdi of Milan Conservatory, where he performed the Concerto n. 4 by Sergei Rachmaninoff with the RAI Orchestra.

In 2009 he recorded for Limenmusic the box set CD+DVD, Il pianoforte in Italia tra il Jazz e il ‘900 eurocolto, together with Dado Moroni. This album belongs to DUETS serie, a collection of 7 CD+DVD box set, a musical reflection that drives the audience to discover the deep connections between repertoires apparently differents and irreconcilable: contemporary music and jazz.
This album is available in all music stores and e-commerce sites. Find it on and iTunes.

Alberti is not only a pianist but also a musicologist.
His studies focus in particular on 20th century music and on the history of piano performance. Since 2005, he is Member of the Montegral Academy and Associate of the Italian Musicological Society.

He edited a columns on Limenmusic’s Blog, to read his articles, please, click here.

Waiting for the broadcast of the concert, you can listen to alfonso Alberti on Limenmusic Web Tv:

Alfonso Alberti – Ritratto di Niccolò Castiglioni

Alfonso Alberti – Piano Music and Visual Arts – 1


Stage productions and packaging, by Sonia Arienta

Nothing is casual in the world of commercial products, every process has specific rules imposing precise plannings and organization in merchandising. It is essential that goods, in addition to protection assured by wrapping, must be presented in the best possible shape, in order to manage trade challenges and to attract the attention of a prospective buyer. So packaging becomes a medium fit for sales (and profits) increasing, winning competitors, tempting customers driving them to purchase, regardless of theirs real needs.

Actually, in operatic theatre, we can remark manipulations and acts of latent censure achieved by choices concerning the performance “packaging” (direction, set and costume designing), necessary to tame operas with “embarassing” content. This happens in different manners…

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From today you’ll be able to buy our discographical products, or single tracks, on iTunes, the biggest musical library.

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Dado Moroni and Alfonso Alberti
Il pianoforte in Italia tra il jazz e il ‘900 eurocolto
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Danilo Rossi and Stefano Bezziccheri
Brahms: Sonate op. 120
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Ciro Longobardi
Ivan Fedele: Integrale delle opere per pianoforte solo
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It happen today…

On April 6th, 1971 died the Russian composer Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky, widely acknowledged as one of the most important and influential composers of 20th century music; also named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of the century.
He achieved international fame with three ballets, composed during his Russian Period (1908 – 1918), commissioned by Sergei Diaghilev and performed by Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes: the Firebird (1910), Petrushka (1911 – 1947) and the Rite of Spring (1913).

You can appreciate a notable execution of Petrushka, performed by the talented Japanese pianist Takahiro Yoshikawa on Limenmusic Web Tv.
Petrushka is a Russian traditional puppet, with a bag of stawdust as his body, and a head made of wood, who comes to life and develops emotions. The movements reveal his impossible desire to be human and show all the torment for his condition.
All the emotions and feelings of this touching tale are evoked by Takahiro Yoshikawa’s interpretation, able to express through his music the personal and intimate world of the puppets.
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Ivan Fedele’s complete piano works

From today you can buy our latest discographical production in all music store and e-commerce sites.



Ivan Fedele – Integrale delle opere per pianoforte solo (Complete piano works)
Ciro Longobardi
, pianoforte
LIMEN Classic and contemporary – Black line




Limen music & arts proposes a new discographical production (CD+DVD), entirely dedicated to the renowned and appreciated italian composer, Ivan Fedele, considered one of the most representative contemporary authors nationally and internationally.
Eclectic and versatile artist, was born primarily as a pianist, in fact in his works dedicated to this instrument he expresses all his creative sensibility, creating suggestive atmospheres and reaching out high levels poetically, stylistically and technically. In this album, the italian pianist Ciro Longobardi, take us in this wonderful journey through Ivan Fedele’s works, starting from the intense and bright colors of South Pole’s landscapes, evoked by the Études series: 5 Études Boreales (1990) and 5 Études Australes (2003) to the beginning, with Toccata (1983), extremely important piece from an affective point of view for Ivan Fedele, because full of memories of his early experiences on the piano. Includes also performances of Nachtmusik (2008) and Cadenze I-IX: a quarter of a century (1983-2008) of music by Fedele, accompanied by a double interview with the composer by Cesare Fertonani and Virginio Sala.

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Sylvano Bussotti’s Pictograms

We often talk about notes. Overbearing subject, the note: a measurement, an exact frequency, a recognizable and codable object, that would qualify as the main parameter and overshadow everything else. Then we can refer to sound, and in this way we bring to light what was concealed at the side of the note, and beyond it. But it would be worth talking about the gesture – which causes that sound; and about the body, which makes that gesture.

Body and gesture (and therefore also theater) are pivotal concepts in Sylvano Bussotti’s poetics, a creator hanging between music and visual arts. In the fourth of the historical Five Pieces for David Tudor, a real drawing set in a pentagrams’ system, the double caption sheds a light on the double personality of the author: “1949 drawing” and “piano adoption: March 27, 1959”.

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