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NEW RELEASE Limen Ancient

The first number of the new line “Limen Ancient”
Michele Bolla plays L. van Beethoven on his fortepiano (by Ugo Casiglia)
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L.van Beethoven – Sonata in C major Op. 53 from Limenmusic on Vimeo.



Here is the latest CD + DVD Limenmusic with Mario Marzi, Simone Zanchini, Paolo Zannini



The travel in (geographical) space is often a travel in time, too, but is always an interior travel: you travel for the sake of discovering and understanding the world, but also of discovering and understanding yourself – the other is a mirror and, through the contrast, the differences, you better understand your true nature.

This East Way (a CD+DVD bundle, published under the Limen label), a journey toward the East, where Mario Marzi’s saxophones, Simone Zanchini’s accordion and Paolo Zannini’s piano are our pathfinders, takes us across unusual soundscapes: not only the folk melodies of the Eastern Europe, with their metric and harmonic peculiarities, but also the re-reading of great authors (from the Rumania of Bartók’s Rumanian Dances to Bartók’s and Ligeti’s Hungary, to Kachaturian’s Georgia, to Pärt’s Estonia): these well-known pieces acquire the taste of the unusual, through the arrangements of the trio, whose chameleon talents we too discover (as, for example, where at our ears the accordion seems to become a church organ or – as Alessandro Solbiati remarks – when sax and accordion seem to exchange their sound qualities, or it is difficult to tell which instrument is responsible for certain percussive effects).

There is also an original piece, signed by Zanchini, which we could read as a diary fragment of the traveling musicians. There are great technique, great passion and the statement of a great, individual and collective personality.