The Istituto Liszt

The «Istituto Liszt» in Bologna is a relatively small but important institution, dedicated to the great composer, with the aim of promoting «a better knowledge of Liszt’s works both in the field of the musicological research and in that of the interpretation». Founded in 1997, in May 2010 it became a Foudation: its headquarters are in the center of the city, and host a specialized library and, among other things, a small hall with a beatiful and perfectly restored 1860 Steinway piano (made in Germany), similar to the one Franz Liszt had (and which is now at the Museum of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan).

The 1860 Steinway at Istituto Liszt

I met Rossana Dalmonte, the fine musicologist who is the founder, the soul and the main driver of the Istituto: she has been for many years on faculty at the Trento University, whose library is now (thanks to her efforts) one of the best endowed libraries, as far as music history is concerned. Professor Dalmonte wrote in the Eighties an excellent book about Franz Liszt, published (in Italian) by Feltrinelli, and has never ceased to devote a fair part of her research time to the great Hungarian composer.

The Istituto has an important editorial production: the Quaderni dell’Istituto Liszt is a scientific journal (the most recent issue is number 8); the «Rarità» is a series of scores where are bein published rarities and new discoveries – three issues are already published, a fourth is ready to be printed. The Istituto manages also every year a  series of concerts, mostly piano concerts, performed on the historical Steinway in the hall of the same organization – with thematic programs, performed by some of the best Italian and international musicians.
The 2010-11 season began in October (more information on the institute’s site:, and will close in May 2011 with a symposium, Sunday the 22nd, on «unpublished Liszt», celebrating the anniversary of the composer.

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