Intersections, by Alfonso Alberti

“The rose is without ‘why'”: Angelus Silesius and Niccolò Castiglioni’s Mysticism

Dulce refrigerium, sechs geistliche Lieder für Klavier (1984) is the place, within the piano production of Niccolò Castiglioni (1932-1996), where the spirituality of the Milan-born composer is more fully expressed.

To get into the meaning of this spirituality we ought to say that it is deeply rooted in mysticism, and especially in that of the German poet and mystic Angelus Silesius (1624-1677).

The rose is without “why”
She blooms because she blooms
She doesn’t care for herself
She doesn’t ask if anybody sees her

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You can listen to Niccolò Castiglioni’s Dulce refrigerium, performed by Alfonso Alberti, inside the concert:
Alfonso Alberti – Ritratto di Niccolò Castiglioni


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