Space in operatic theatre

Space and sound are strictly tied in operatic theatre, so much as to be a constitutive element of this musical genre.
On the other hand, they translate in visual and acoustic way two universal categories of thinking: space and time.
They make be “visible” to audience the space-time flow of the existence, materialised on the stage, according to historical and cultural exigences.In Opera, considerations linked with space-time binomial touch very numerous domains, as it’s easy to guess, they open various areas of research and meditations, so stimulating not only for specialists.
Such a matter put who considers it to face with a giant commode, a monumental cupboard, with a lot of drawers, double-bottoms, door, little doors, secret corners. Especially if are utilised as working tools ideas borrowed from philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychoanalysis, perception’s theory, literary criticism, further from music history, and architecture…
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