Linus blanket, by Sonia Arienta

From a visual point of view, set design is the most important attraction for the average audience in a stage production. So, we can see different manners of misappropriation towards “embarrassing” operas and genre (melodrama), when cultural politics point to anaesthetize them.

Reassuring” stage productions which “protect” especially the italian Nineteenth century masterpieces from modernity contamination apparently repeat the primary functions of a wrapping (the protective one precisely). As a matter of fact, they alter the message reception. They embalm the former artistic productions in a case, where even the most destabilising specimen preserves the danger of a tropical arachnid slept behind a terrarium glass. To make Opera a museum piece of, or to banalize it with apparently “modern” stage production, it moves away audience, especially joung people, already penalised by educational programming that cuts away a musical teaching…
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