Means of defence and traumas I

It would be suitable to ask oneself what kind of perception towards operatic theatre has he who doesn’t know it and feels it alien and strange, or decidly boring or unnecessary. Unprofitable like every product extimeed inable of moving a large fluxus of money. Useless like one of these “good things of bad taste” inherited from a great-hunt, which its possession it would be better to made without. Or, strange and impenetrable as the hieroglyphics of an ancient Egyptian obelisk. A product remote in the time, particularly used by a limitate number of monomaniac iniziates, devoted to cultural archaeology and palaeontology and observed in the best of the chances with a benevolent smile of pity. In force of this fact they are judged carriers of a rare desease, not infectious, but obstinated in cultivating old and eccentric practices.
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