Berg’s Sieben Frühe Lieder coming soon on Limenmusic Web Tv

From friday, July 29. 2011 on Limenmusic Web Tv @ Joo Cho and Marino Nahon in concert

Duo Cho - Nahon in concert

In this concert:
Alban Berg – Sieben frühe Lieder (Seven Early Songs)

The Seven Early Songs are early composition, written by the Austrian composer Alban Berg between 1905 to 1908, while he was under the tutelage of Arnold Schoenberg.
This songs were first written for medium voice and piano, then were revised for high voice and orchestra in 1928.
The seven songs are:

  1. Nacht (Night), text by Carl Hauptmann
  2. Schilflied (Song amid the reeds) – text by Nikolaus Lenau
  3. Die Nachtigall (The nightingale) – text by Theodore Storm
  4. Traumgekrönt (Crowned in dream) – text by Rainer Maria Rilke
  5. Im Zimmer (Indoors) – text by Johanes Schlaf
  6. Liebesode (Ode to love) – text by Otto Erich Hartleben
  7. Sommertage (Summer days) – text by Paul Hohenberg

For the trailer of the concert, please, click on the image below:


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