Here we are…

This is our first «official» post. Today the blog goes public.

Limen main asset is the web tv (, based on «live» audio/video recordings made in our studio. Our headquarters are in Milan (Italy).

The web tv is focused on classical and jazz music, and the performing musicians are among the finest in the world – we’ll introduce them along the way.

The goal of this blog is to document the musical life around the web tv, opening a conversation which the staff, the musicians and (hopefully) all the people interested in music all around the world will take part to.

We’ll talk about our programs, the changing world of musical performance, the activities of the musicians, but there will be space for in-depth information and analysis of the performed works; for  texts, audio and video documents about every aspect of this world, as well as for the relationships between music and the arts, music and philosophy, music and literature… And probably something else, we don’t even imagine yet.

Comments, remarks and suggestions are welcome.



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