Guido Salvetti on Schumann’s Lieder

Guido Salvetti recently edited a book for Edizioni ETS (Pisa), whose title is
I canti dell’ultimo Schumann [The last Schumann’s Songs], with contributions of authors as Quirino Principe and Erik Battaglia.

Thanks to the publisher, here you can find the (Italian) text of one of the chapters of the book, written by Salvetti, and titled «L’ultima fase di un arduo percorso (1849-1853)» [The last step of a steep path]. The text is particularly interesting because it sheds a light on the time when Schumann composed the Lieder (Op. 39), whose performance, by Salvetti and Stelia Doz is on schedule in these days, on our web tv.

The text of the chapter, in pdf format, is here.


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