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Something changes…

Limenmusic is glad to announce that from 15 May 2012 were opened its new studios, in Milan.
A multifuncional space, that will host not only a recording studio, but also a sort of “square” where people could meet and talk about art, music, culture…
Some photos of the studios will be soon available…

Limenmusic Studio
via Bordighera 15, Milano
Tel. 02.89078984


It happen today…

On April 20th, 1893 in Barcelona was born the father of the Surrealism, Joan Miró i Ferrà, the world renowned Spanish Catalan painter, sculptur and ceramist.
Son of a watchmaking father and a goldsmith mother, he begane to draw when he was only 8 years old.
Miró attended the School of industrial and Fine Arts in Barcelona until 1910, during hia attendance he took private lessons of painting. After suffering a nervous breakdown he dicided to abandone the business world for art.
In 1920 he moved to Paris, where he met Pablo Picasso and developed his trend of surrealist painting.
From 1929 to 1930 Miró begane to make interest in the objects as such, in the form of collages.
During his final period he concentrated on monumental and public works. One of Miró’s most important works in the United States is his only glass mosaic mural, Personnage Orseaux created for Wichita State University’s Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Kansas. The mural is one of Miró’s largest two-dimensional projects, undertaken when he was 79 and completed when he was 85 years of age. Fabrication of the mural was actually completed in 1977, but Miró did not consider it finished until the installation was complete.
He died bedridden at his home in Palma (Majorca) on December 25, 1983.
Many of his pieces are exhibited today in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and Fundació Joan Miró in Montjuïc, Barcelona.