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Quartetto Anthos on “Piazza Verdi”, Radio 3

Quartetto Anthos will be guest on November 26 at 15:00 (GMT+1) on “Piazza Verdi” – Radio 3.

Radio 3 – On air @

During this meeting this renowned and appreciated Italian quartett will talk about their projects, and will perform some of the most representative pieces of their repertoire, such as: Andante cantabile, from the Schumann‘s Opus 47, three movements from Gianluca Cascioli‘s quartet (written and dedicated to them) and a pieces by Alexandre Tansman.

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In the meantime, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful concert recorded by Quartetto Anthos at Limen Studio:

In this concert:
Johannes Brahms – Klavierquartett in sol minore Op. 25


Danilo Rossi in concert

On November 12. 2011 at 11:30 a.m. (GMT+1) at Teatro della Pergola, in Florence (Italy).
Danilo Rossi (viola), Andrea Lucchesini (piano), Marco Rizzi (violin) and Mario Brunello (cello)
The interpreters talk about music: Brahms‘ music

On November 12. 2011 at 16:00 (GMT+1) at Teatro della Pergola, Florence (Italy).
Danilo Rossi (viola), Andrea Lucchesini (piano), Marco Rizzi (violin) and Mario Brunello (cello) in concert

Johannes Brahms – Zwei Gesänge Op. 91 (transcription for cello, viola and piano)
Johannes Brahms – Trio in A minor Op. 144 (transcription for viola, cello and piano)
Johannes Brahms – Quartet for piano and strings in G minor Op. 25

On November 13 at 21:00 (GMT+1) at Teatro della Pergola, Florence (Italy).
Danilo Rossi (viola), Andrea Lucchesini (piano), Marco Rizzi (violin) and Mario Brunello (cello) in concert

Johannes Brahms – Quartet in A major Op. 26
Johannes Brahms – Quartet in C minor op. 60

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Limenmusic recommends: Vanessa Benelli Mosell

Limenmusic proposes a concert by the young and talented pianist Vanessa Benelli Mosell, considered one of the most natural musical talent by critics all over the world.

“Twenty-three years old pianist Vanessa Benelli Mosell is recognised for her distinctive limpid sound and clarity of intentions of her prodigious playing that combines the blazing virtuosic command over the most demanding technical complexities and her natural musical insight. Her debut recording Virtuoso Piano Music, released in February 2011 by Brillian Classics, has gained internazionale acclaim for ” her great panache” and “sparkling techinque in demanding music” in which ‘she leaves no doubt of her enviable facility'”
Gramophone Magazine

In this concert recorded at Limenmusic Studio in 2009, Vanessa Benelli Moselli performs:

Sonata in G major n. 16 Op. 31 n. 1, written by Ludwig van Beethoven between 1801 and 1802. This work represents Beethoven’s new innovative and unconventional ideas, far from the classical style of music.

The Variations on a theme of Paganini are a set of theme and variation for solo piano, completed by Johannes Brahms in 1863. Clara Schumann has defined this scores “impossible to execute”. The theme is Niccolò Paganini’s Caprice n. 24 in A minor for violin solo; the variations are considered a landmark for their emotional depht and techical challenge.
This work is divided into two sections:
– Book I, Op. 25/1
– Book II, Op. 35/2 (that we propose in this concert)

Joseph Haydn is considered the father of sonata form.
While in the Classicism, music was dominated by the key, Haydn was focused on the conceive of new expressive solutions, creating the most important musical structures of the XIX Century.
Here we proposed Sonata in E minor n. 53 Hob. XVI:34

Piano Sonata n. 7 in B flat major Op. 83, was the second of three so-called War-Sonatas, written by Sergei Prokofiev between 1939 and 1942.


Quartetto Anthos on Limenmusic Web Tv

By now you can find a new concert on Limenmusic Web Tv at Quartetto Anthos plays J. Brahms.

The Anthos Quartet was born from the encounter of four young friends wishing to play together exploring a rare and exceptional group of classical music, the piano quartet, ensemble that offers a vast repertoire whose writing is almost symphonic.
The group aims at promoting not only the knowledge of the masterpieces that the Wien civilization left us in this musical sphere, but also at expanding the repertoire with new or unknown works. For these reasons it has always been interested in developing and seeking new compositions, even in the contemporary literature.
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In this concert:
Johannes Brahms – Klavierquartett in sol minore Op. 25

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Silvia Chiesa & Maurizio Baglini in concert in Paris

On thursday, May 19. 2011 Silvia Chiesa and Maurizio Baglini in concert at SALLE GAVEAU, 45 rue de la Boetie – PARIS
@ 20:30 (GMT+1)

Mendelssohn – Sonate n. 2 pour violoncelle et piano
Brahms – Sonate n. 1 pour violoncelle et piano en mi mineur
Debussy – Sonate pour violoncelle et piano
Rachmaninov – Sonate pour violoncelle et piano en sol mineur

For more info about the concert, please click here.

For more info about duo Silvia Chiesa and Maurizio Baglini, please click here.


Danilo Rossi at Radio Svizzera Italiana – RETE 2

On Friday, January 21, 2011 on RADIO SVIZZERA ITALIANA, RETE 2 at 11:00 (GMT+2) will be presented by Anna Menichetti the latest discographical work of Danilo Rossi, First Viola Soloist of the La Scala Theatre in Milan, accompanied by Stefano Bezziccheri at the piano:

Danilo Rossi
Johannes Brahms, Sonata Op.120 N°1 and 2

CD+DVD Box set, Limen Classic & contemporary
Piano: Stefano Bezziccheri

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New recordings for Limenmusic Web Tv

Saturday, December 4th 2010, the renowed japanese pianist Aki Kuroda, has recorded in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for the Web Tv.

In homage to the Russian composer and pianist Alexander Scriabin, she performed for us:

Scriabin – Sonata for piano n.4 Op. 30 (1903)
Scriabin – Sonata for piano n.9 Op. 68 “Black Mass” (1912-1913)

The earliest pieces composed by Scriabin are written for the piano, and are influenced by one of the greatest composers for piano of all time, Frédéric Chopin. His music gradually evolved over the years, creating very original works, that employing very inusual harmonies and texture. The development of Scriabin’s style can be followed in his twelve piano sonatas: the earliest are composed in a fairly conventional late-Romantic idiom and show the influence of Chopin and, sometimes, of Franz Liszt; but the later ones move into original territories, infact  the last five being written without indication of tone.

Waiting for broadcasting of the concert on the Web Tv, you can listen to Aki Kuroda on Limenmusic.

Aki Kuroda in concert

Aki Kuroda plays Bach, Brahms, Scriabin

Aki kuroda plays Mochizuki – Sugiyama


From November 24th on Limenmusic Web Tv: Tilly Cernitori and Désirée Scuccuglia in concert

From November 24th, 2010 on Limenmusic Web Tv (Channel 1): Tilly Cernitori and Désirée Scuccuglia in concert.

In particular they perform for us:

Mendelsshon – Solbiati, Felix Variation
G. Rossini, Une Larme
A. Gluzunov, Chant du menestrel
C. Saint-Saens, Allegro appassionato
P.I. Tchaikovsky, Pezzo Capriccioso

For a trailer of the concert, please click here.

You can also enjoy:

Alfonso Alberti – Ritratto di Niccolò Castiglioni
Maurizio Baglini – Quadri da una esposizione
Fabrizio Meloni, Sauro Berti and Naomi Fujiya play Mendelssohn
Quartetto Prometeo – Quartet in G minor Op.10 – C. Debussy
Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Liszt – Wagner
Virginio Sala meets Danilo Rossi

We remember you that the concerts no longer present in the Channel 1 schedule will be avaible in the On Demand area of the Web Tv.

Danilo Rossi and Stefano Bezziccheri play J. Brahms, Part.1


Danilo Rossi: 25 years at La Scala

Danilo Rossi and Stefano Bezziccheri yesterday gave us a wonderful evening. The concert at La Scala and then the presentation of the new CD/DVD production with Oreste Bossini as a host at the theatre’s bookstore were brilliant and deeply moving. The room was full – someone wasn’t allowed to attend, there were too many people for the seating-capacity of the hall.

Have you already seen the video recording of Brahms’s Sonatas on Well, then you can imagine what you missed. The way the duo deals with the two Brahms’s masterworks is always fascinanting: the depth of hundreds of performances and the freshness of an always renewed encounter.

Danilo Rossi is celebrating in this way 25 years as the principal viola of La Scala’s Orchestra, and the talk after the concert was mostly about this experience and the twenty-something years of association with Bezziccheri. Oreste Bossini (who is, among many other things, the author of the presentation text in the CD booklet) prompted them to tell a few interesting (and often funny) episodes of their career.

Rossi and Bezziccheri explained also the nature and goals of their recording project, of which the Brahms’s Sonatas are only the first milestone. The whole project (six CD/DVDs) will take them a couple of years to complete – but Rossi hinted at the idea of expanding it further…

There will be more occasions to hear the two of them in concert, in the near future, and there will be more presentations of the recordings: we’ll keep you updated.


Waiting for Johannes Brahms

Just a week to the presentation of the latest discographical production of Danilo Rossi, First Viola Soloist of the La Scala Theatre in Milan.

Thursday, November 18th, 2010 at 18:00 (GMT+2) at La Scala Shop, Largo Ghiringhelli (Piazza della Scala):

Johannes Brahms, Sonata Op.120 N°1 and 2
CD+DVD Box set, Limen Classic & contemporary
Piano: Stefano Bezziccheri

Speakers Danilo Rossi and Stefano Bezziccheri.
Hosted by Oreste Bossini.

For the promotional video of the event, please click here.

More information for the general public and for Danilo Rossi and Stefano Bezziccheri’s audiences are avaible in the Press area.

The same day at the Ridotto dei Palchi “A. Toscanini” of La Scala Theatre in Milan at 17:00 (GMT+2), you will be able to enjoy a concert by Danilo Rossi, accompanied by Stefano Bezziccheri at the piano.


Sonata in F Minor Op. 120 n°1
Sonata in E Flat Major Op. 120 n°2

More info @ Teatro alla Scala