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Progetto Beethoven-Diario di viaggio – “Beethoven – Travel Journal” Project.

Si apre con le Sonate op. 2 l’incisione integrale delle Sonate e delle principali opere pianistiche di Beethoven realizzata per Limen da Letizia Michielon. L’esperienza del viaggio, umana e spirituale insieme, è forse la migliore metafora di questa straordinaria avventura all’interno di un genere che rappresenta la punta di diamante della produzione beethoveniana, taccuino di lavoro in cui vengono anticipate le più interessanti innovazioni linguistiche che il compositore utilizzerà poi nelle Sinfonie e nella musica da camera.

Begins with Op. 2 Sonatas Letizia Michielon’s complete recording of Beethoven’s Sonatas and main piano works for Limen. The travel experience, human and spiritual at the same time, is probably the best metaphor for this extraordinary adventure across a genre, which is the leading edge of Beethoven’s production, a working notebook where the most interesting language innovations (which the composer will later use in the symphonies and in the chamber music) are tested.

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Sonata op. 2 n. 3


Coming soon in music stores and digital

From May 7. 2012 you will find in all music stores and digital the new album of  Danilo Rossi and Stefano Bezziccheri, “La viola romantica” (CD+DVD).
Continue the valuable collaboration between Limenmusic and two leading musicians, First Viola Soloist of La Scala Theatre in Milan, M° Danilo Rossi and the pianist Stefano Bezziccheri.
In this third volume they proposed to the public a repertoire organized around the theme of romanticism, an adjective that over time has been subject of so intense historical debates and critical ambiguities.
Here are the executions of three authors who, while remaining distant musically and personally, are linked by the use of the same romantic language: Schumann, Schubert and Glinka: a very close and continuous dialogue between soloist and accompaniment able, once again, to create a slow and thoughtful atmosphere.


Danilo Rossi, viola
Stefano Bezziccheri, piano
La viola romantica
CD+DVD – Limen classic & contemporary BLACK LINE

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From January 9. 2012 in music stores and digital: Across Virtuosity…

From January 9th 2012 will be available in all music stores and digital the new album of M° Fabrizio Meloni, accompanied by the talented pianist M° Takahiro Yoshikawa.

Across Virtuosity


Compositions seemingly straightforward, but in fact deeply shifty are the Fantasie for Clarinet and Piano, a musical genre that met a remarkable success in Nineteenth Century Italy.
In this CD+DVD box set, umpteenth volume belonging to BLACK LINE series, are two exceptional musicians, appreciated worldwide, to take us in this fascinating journey into the instrumental virtuosity: Fabrizio Meloni, First Solo clarinet of the Orchestra and the philarmonica of La Scala Theatre in Milan, since 1984, accompanied by the talented pianist Takahiro Yoshikawa.
Artists propose a selection of Fantasie that move from operatic melodies, showing, not only an accurately and brilliant technique, but also an exciting and involving interpretation, able to provides the audience with the pleasure of finding the the magic and the emotions of wonderful operas.

In this album:

Giuseppe Verdi – Rigoletto
Concert fantasy by Luigi Bassi – for Clarinet and Piano

Giuseppe Verdi – La Traviata
Concert fantasy by Donato Lovreglio – for Clarinet and Piano

Gioachino Rossini – Semiramide
Concert fantasy by Ferdinando Sebastiani – for Clarinet and Piano
(critical review by Giuseppe Settembrino)

Vincenzo Bellini – Norma
Concert fantasy by Ferdinando Sebastiani – for Clarinet and Piano
(critical review by Giuseppe Settembrino)

Pietro Mascagni – Cavalleria Rusticana
Concert fantasy by Carlo Della Giacoma – for Clarinet and Piano

Franz Liszt – Paraphrase de concert sur Rigoletto, S. 434
for Piano

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From January 9. 2012 in music stores and digital!