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Corrado Rojac on Limenmusic Web Tv!!

We are sorry for the delay of the broadcasting, but finally we can announce the concert of one of the most important Italian accordionists: Corrado Rojac.

From October 21. 2011 on Limenmusic Web Tv (, he will perform for the audience:

Gabriele Vanoni – Corde di recita
Trevor Baĉa – L’imaginaire
Edgar Barroso – Metric expansion of space

Gabriele Vanoni, was born in 1980. After a few experiences as a very young composer at Yamaha schools (JOC, Tokyo 1993), he started studying music at the Conservatory of Milan, where he graduated in Piano with Maria Isabella De Carli and in Composition with Giuseppe Giuliano.
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Trevor Bača was born outside Los Angeles in 1975. His concerns as a composer include lost and secret texts; broken and dismembered systems; sorcery, divination and magic; and the effects, action and beauty of light. Bača’s music has been played in the US, Europe and Japan, with recent performances in New York, Berlin, Tokyo and elsewhere.
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Edgar Barroso, born in Mexico in 1977, is a PhD Candidate in Music Composition at Harvard University where he worked with Hans Tutschku, Brian Ferneyhough, Helmut Lachenmann, Michael Gandolfi and Chaya Czernowin. His education includes a Master in Digital Arts, a Postgraduate Diploma in Composition and Contemporary Technologies and a “Cum Laude” Bachelor in Music Composition.
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Contemporary and the twentieth century on Classica TV

On friday, September 16. 2011 on Classica TV (SKY, Channel 728):


at 21.30 (GMT+1): FILI per flauto e pianoforte
author: Franco Donatoni
performers: Sonia Formenti (flute) – Aki Kuroda (piano)


at 21.50 (GMT+1): Alfonso Alberti suona Castiglioni
author: Niccolò Castiglioni
performer: Alfonso Alberti (piano)


Don’t miss this concerts!!!!


Mauro Negri meets Fabrizio Meloni – DUETS vol. 2

From April 26th, 2011 will be available in major music stores and e-commerce site the second volume belonging to DUETS series, where Jazz meets contemporary music.


Mauro Negri – Fabrizio Meloni
Il clarinetto nel jazz e nel ‘900 italiano

drum: Maxx Furian
piano: Nazzareno Carusi

CD+DVD – Limen Jazz – DUETS vol. 2



Contemporary music and italian Jazz are meeting in this new project by Limen music & arts, born from the collaboration with Warner Chappell Music Italiana editions, devoted to great duets, in which the artists inquire into the intersections between repertoires apparently differents and irreconcilable.
The second volume of this collection, is dedicated to the clarinet, thanks to extraordinary interpreters: Fabrizio Meloni, worldwide renowned and appreciated musicians, since 1984 holds the prestigious role of First Clarinet Soloist of the Theater and Philamonic of La Scala in Milan, and Mauro Negri, clarinetist and saxofonist of international fame, that has collaborated with great name of jazz culture, like Kenny Wheeler, Billy Cobhan and Albert Mangesldorff.
Accompanied by Maxx Furian, Mauro Negri opens this album with six unpublished and original pieces, that show to the audience his talent both as compositor and interpreters.
Fabrizio Meloni, enchants the audience with his expressivity and security, thanks to his interpretation of Luciano Berio, Armando Gentilucci and Claude Debussy’s pieces.

For more info about the album and the interpreters, please visit our Press Area

To buy on, please click here (available from April 26, 2011)
To buy on La Feltrinelli, please click here (available from April 26, 2011)


Ivan Fedele, portrait of a contemporary composer

Ivan Fedele, renowned and appreciated italian composer, author of more than sixty productions, that ranging from orchestral, concerto and electroacoustic works,to the chambre music, is considered one of the most representative contemporary authors nationally and internationally.
Eclectic and versatile artist, able to weave in his works two apparently differents and irreconcilable worlds: music and maths, linking a bold musical formation and an intense knowledge of theorical math, inherited from an early age by his father.
According to the idea of Maurizio Pollini, he considers contemporary music as “art music“, because:

“…today’s composers, go often around that area, the language area, the area where the subjects’s characteris expressed, and we try to visit maybe the more peripheral areas of the language, and to catch their “poesis”, or to express our creativity through those offshoots of the language, that are no very common, they are not often visited – but anyway are not devoid of a potential of highest expression.”
” Art music, as art painting, as art literature face the problem of language, the problem of expressing a sensitivity of the creative subjects, that isn’t necessarily og the highest level – we wish i, but it can be one of any level each one is able to attain and that uses the sound with other, different goals.
The fact that they use sounds doesn’t grant use the right to think that all the music works are at the same level, or can be regarding as being at the same level, without ranging them at the first or the second place, and that all of them belong to a big family, a big kind.”

Ivan Fedele

Creative sensibility that Ivan Fedele expressed especially in his pianistic works, where his productions poetically, linguistically and technically touch highest levels.
Full of intensitive and charme are the Études series: 5 Études Boreales (1990) and 5 Études Australes (2003), inspired by a landscape full of suggestions: the South Pole, made up of intensive colours and clear brightness.
You can appreciate and relive this beautiful images through the notes of Ciro Longobardi‘s executions of Études Australes, for Limen music & arts.
For the concert, please click here.
His intimate path into the world of piano music started in 1983 , when he has only 30 years old, with the piece “Toccata“, extremely important from an affective point of view for Ivan Fedele, because keep in mind his earlier experiences as a pianist.