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Inheritance, by Sonia Arienta

Knowledge and aware utilisation of an opera by the most high number of spectators must be considered a very important goal in cultural politic organisation of a State, like Italy, exactly because this musical genre had a primary role in the building of national identity. Above all, before the same construction of italian state.
As of right, the interest towards operatic theatre should take part in the main cares of ministers of our Republic, at least as all the other most important productive resources of the Country and generally of “made in Italy”. As well as miles of painted canvas, thousands square metres of frescos and painting on wood; many tons of big and little ancient roman stones, etruscan potsherds, Renaissance art style bricks, baroque cornices, books published in the sixteenth century, incunabula and illuminated codexes buried in ours country cellars. Or avalanched in opencast archaeological excavations…
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