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Patrick Gallois and Mariateresa Dellaborra at Limenmusic

On Thursday 25th November 2010 Virginio Sala will meet Patrick Gallois, internationally renowed flautist and conductor.
Currently is the Artistic Director and principal conductor of Sinfonia Finlandia, but also guest conductor of various orchestras throughout the world.

Still active with flute performance dates, Gallois manages to keep a stable balance between the highest standards of both arts and develops international respect in all areas of his work.

Together with M° Gallois, Virginio Sala will also meet Mariateresa Dellaborra, editor of the critical edition of the Concerto in G major for Flute and Orchestra by the italian composer Saverio Mercadante, published by Suvini-Zerboni.

The same day at the Teatro dal Verme in Milan, the Concerto in E major op. 49 for flute and orchestra will be performed, in the critical edition of Marieteresa Dellaborra, by Patrick Gallois and the Orchestra I Pomeriggi Musicali, with a repeat performance at the same venue and with the same artists on November 27.

The concert has been handed down in manuscript copy preserved in the library of the Conservatory “San Pietro a Majella” in Naples, and opened the series of compositions for flute and orchestra by Mercadante proposals for the first time in a critical edition with the aim to present a unified and comprehensive body of this important concert, providing a lesson that takes into account all the significant variants attested by witnesses who have handed the text over time, not neglecting to highlight the relationship between author and the tradition in which it is embedded.

For more info about the concert, please click here.