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Limenmusic presents: Takahiro Yoshikawa CD+DVD

Finally, clicking on the image below you you will find a trailer of the latest TakahiroYoshikawa‘s album.

Takahiro Yoshikawa, young and talented Japanese pianist, took his first steps into the world of music in his homeland, before moving to Italy, where he made himself well known, as a winner of many international competitions, playing in the most important halls (included the Teatro alla Scala in Milan), as a soloist and with high-level chamber groups.Given the exiting successes of his first album, published in 2009, devoted to Frèdéric Chopin’w works, Limen music & arts proposes a new discographical production (CD+DVD), where Takahiro Yoshikawa performs pieces dedicated to the suggestions of the night, readind it in a new, and deeply original, key, infact all the works refer to the same “black” key, in which the fingers more often caress the keyboard rather than strike it.
Thanks to his deep and attractive interpretation, this artist take us in a intimate path through images, colours and emotions of the night, drowing to leading composers of the Nineteenth century: L. van Beethoven, Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt and Maurice Ravel, to create an album of unparalleled beauty.

For album details, please click here.

Takahiro Yoshikawa
, piano
L. van Beethoven, F. Chopin, F. Liszt and M. Ravel
CD+DVD LIMEN classic & contemporary – BLACK LINE






About Takahiro Yoshikawa’s Album…

Here you can find a review (in Italian version) about the new album of the Italian pianist Takahiro Yoshikawa, published on Brescia Oggi magazine.

I bresciani del pianoforte ricorderanno questo giovane pianista giapponese, che ha suonato lo scorso anno per la rassegna «Sul filo delle emozioni» di Paolo Sarubbi e Nadia Segalini e ancor prima era stato applaudito a Odolo e anche al teatro Grande di Brescia, col Quartetto d’Archi della Scala.
Ora esce per Limen doppio contributo registrato quest’anno: non solo il tradizionale cd audio ma anche la versione video in dvd.
Si tratta di registrazioni in studio e per questo particolarmente curate dal punto di vista del suono.
Il programma è quanto mai accattivante perché va da Beethoven a Chopin, a Liszt, fino al Gaspard de la nuit di Ravel.

Luigi Fertonani

For more details about the album, please click here.

Takahiro Yoshikawa
L. van Beethoven – F. Chopin – F. Liszt – M. Ravel
CD+DVD – LIMEN Classic & contemporary





Next releases for Limenmusic: Takahiro Yoshikawa

From October 2011 will be available in major music stores and e-commerce sites the new album by Takahiro Yoshikawa.

Limen music & arts proposes to the audience a new production (CD+DVD), entirely dedicated to a great fascinating theme, the night, reading it in a new, and deeply original key.
In this album, the talented Japanese pianist Takahiro Yoshikawa, will perform compositions by L. van Beethoven, F. Chopin, F. Liszt and M. Ravel, all characterized by fairly “black” and unusual key, in which the fingers more often caress the keyboard rather than strike it.

Takahiro Yoshikawa, thanks to his solid and reliable, but also intense execution, will take us into a suggestive journey to the discover of the atmosphere of the night.

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!


New recordings for Limenmusic: Takahiro Yoshikawa

This week the young and talented Japanese pianist, Takahiro Yoshikawa will record in Limenmusic’s studio a concert for a new CD+DVD box set.

This discographical work his entirely dedicated to the night, infact Takahiro will perform a series of tracks that recall the atmosphere of the night:

Ludwing van Beethoven
Piano Sonata N. 14 in C-sharp minor Op. 27 n. 2
I Adagio
II Allegretto
III Preso agitato

Frédéric Chopin
Nocturnes Op. 27
n. 1 in C-sharp minor
n. 2 in D-flat major

Franz Liszt
Études d’exécution transcendante n. 11 “Harmonies du Soir” S. 139 n. 11

Maurice Ravel
Gaspard de la Nuit
I. Ondine
II. Le Gibet
III. Scarbo

Waiting for the CD+DVD box set, you can listen to Takahiro Yoshikawa on Limenmusic Web TV.

Takahiro Yoshikawa in concert

Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Stravinsky – Ravel

Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Liszt – Wagner

Duo V. Zucchiatti – T. Yoshikawa in concert

Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Chopin