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Anna Menichetti presents “Across virtuosity” on RSI

On March 27. 2012 on RSI, Radiotelevisione Svizzera – RETE 2 at 11:00 (GMT+1) at Anna Menichetti will present the latest volume of Black Line series dedicated to Fantasie for clarinet and piano that move from operatic melodies, performed by M° Fabrizio Meloni and M° Takahiro Yoshikawa.

Fabrizio Meloni, clarinet
Takahiro Yoshikawa, piano

Across virtuosity

CD+DVD – LIMEN Classic & contemporary BLACK LINE

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Compositions seemingly straightforward, but in fact deeply shifty are the Fantasie for Clarinet and Piano, a musical genre that met a remarkable success in Nineteenth Century Italy.
In this CD+DVD box set, umpteenth volume belonging to BLACK LINE series, are two exceptional musicians, appreciated worldwide, to take us in this fascinating journey into the instrumental virtuosity: Fabrizio Meloni, First Solo clarinet of the Orchestra and the philarmonica of La Scala Theatre in Milan, since 1984, accompanied by the talented pianist Takahiro Yoshikawa.
Artists propose a selection of Fantasie that move from operatic melodies, showing, not only an accurately and brilliant technique, but also an exciting and involving interpretation, able to provides the audience with the pleasure of finding the the magic and the emotions of wonderful operas.


Fabrizio Meloni and Takahiro Yoshikawa on Piazza Verdi

On January 7. 2012 Fabrizio Meloni and Takahiro Yoshikawa were hosted by Piazza Verdi (RAI Radio 3), to present their latest album: ACROSS VIRTUOSITY (CD+DVD box set), belonging to Limen Classic and contemporary – BLACK LINE series!

To download the podcast of the episode, click here.
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Fabrizio Meloni and Takahiro Yoshikawa at Piazza Verdi, RAI Radio3

On January 7. 2012 M° Fabrizio Meloni and M° Takahiro Yoshikawa will be guests of Piazza Verdi, RAI Radio 3 from 15:00 (GMT+1) to 18:00 (GMT+1), to present the new album (CD+DVD box set): “Across Virtuosity“, dedicated to Fantasie on operatic melodies.
In addition to the interview, the artists will perform 3 tracks from the album, that will be available in music stores and digital from January 9. 2012.

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To listen to RAI Radio 3, please click here.

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Sabato 7 Gennaio 2012 il Maestro Fabrizio Meloni e il Maestro Takahiro Yoshikawa saranno ospiti del programma Piazza Verdi, in onda su RAI Radio 3 dalle 15:00 alle 18:00, per presentare il loro nuovo album (CD+DVD): “Across Virtuosity“, dedicato alle Fantasie su arie d’opera.
Oltre all’intervista, i musicisti eseguiranno dal vivo tre brani tratti dall’album, la cui uscita è prevista per il 9 Gennaio 2012 nei principali negozi di musica e in digitale.

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Clues…by Sonia Arienta

In the last Thirthy years, specialists (musicologists, musicians, singers, conductors, directors) and the most well-informed spectators know that Rossini’s Renaissance contributed in a very substantial way to restore worth and rights of this composer in the international scene. Among various and coarse meaning alterations that troubled his operistic production since the middle of nineteenth century, are not only full score’s manipulations and cuts, or stlyles of singing not philological.

The understimate of Rossini’s choices about the subject of his operas induced and sometime yet induce to retain this composer in the middle of his operatic career indifferent and alienated from his contemporary society, and from real world…

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From November 24th on Limenmusic Web Tv: Tilly Cernitori and Désirée Scuccuglia in concert

From November 24th, 2010 on Limenmusic Web Tv (Channel 1): Tilly Cernitori and Désirée Scuccuglia in concert.

In particular they perform for us:

Mendelsshon – Solbiati, Felix Variation
G. Rossini, Une Larme
A. Gluzunov, Chant du menestrel
C. Saint-Saens, Allegro appassionato
P.I. Tchaikovsky, Pezzo Capriccioso

For a trailer of the concert, please click here.

You can also enjoy:

Alfonso Alberti – Ritratto di Niccolò Castiglioni
Maurizio Baglini – Quadri da una esposizione
Fabrizio Meloni, Sauro Berti and Naomi Fujiya play Mendelssohn
Quartetto Prometeo – Quartet in G minor Op.10 – C. Debussy
Takahiro Yoshikawa plays Liszt – Wagner
Virginio Sala meets Danilo Rossi

We remember you that the concerts no longer present in the Channel 1 schedule will be avaible in the On Demand area of the Web Tv.

Danilo Rossi and Stefano Bezziccheri play J. Brahms, Part.1